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Etape GR 3 Vorey-sur-Arzon – Le Puy-en-Velay

From Vorey-sur-Arzon you will discover the castle of Lavoûte-Polignac, then the majestic fortress of Polignac. Finally you will see Le Puy-en-Velay appear with its cathedral, the statue of Notre-Dame-de-France, the Rock and the Saint-Michel Chapel.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Continue on the D 103 which crosses the village, cross the bridge over the Arzon and continue left.

Before the level crossing, go right on the D 28, leave Avenue de la Gare on the left and turn left onto Chemin de Chaux. Turn left on rue Émile-Zola. After the last houses, it becomes a path at the foot of the wooded hill. After a descent, reach an intersection (541 m), just before the railway bridge.

Take the wide path on the right. It crosses the Ramey stream, goes up the valley, turns left and arrives at a junction (590 m).

Go up the wide path on the left for 500 m then continue the ascent to the right for 150 m.

Take the path on the left lined with wide hedges and continue climbing. Take the track on the right. It heads due south and leads to Cèneuil (690 m).

At the entrance to the village, stay on the road on the right, then go down to the left along the communal road. At the fork, continue down the road on the left. She draws bends and becomes a path.

At the bottom, turn right. Take the D 28 on the right for 150 m, then turn left in a hairpin onto the track which leads to Chalignac (580 m).

Cross the hamlet straight on and continue along the road which goes up. Via rue du Petit-Prince, enter Saint-Vincent (590 m).

Cut the D 251, leave the church on the right and go straight in front of the town hall. The road becomes a path. At the T, go down the path on the left.

At the crossroads, take the track on the right and continue to Labistour. Stay on the road which winds down then passes under the railway bridge. Cross the sandy square on the right and arrive at the station crossroads (561 m).

Continue straight on avenue du Cros.

Just after the bridge over the railway, turn left. Continue on this path which joins then follows the banks of the Loire.

After the dam, turn right onto the path which winds up through the forest. Halfway up the slope, at the fork, continue the ascent to the left and reach the houses of La Roche. Pass between the buildings and turn left to complete the climb. Further up, arrive at a junction.

Continue left, pass the cross and exit the woods. At Ceyssaguet (851 m), take the track on the left. It leads to Redemption. Take the road on the left and cross the hamlet (835 m) straight on.

Continue along the path opposite. It turns left and goes down to the edge of the woods. At the fork, continue along the path on the right. It goes down the slope to Chanceaux (708 m).

In the hamlet, turn right onto rue de l'Oulette. It becomes a track and goes down gently. At the end, take the D 253 opposite, cross the bridge (644 m) and continue along the road for 900 m until the bend.

At the bend, continue straight on along the small road then the path. At the fork, stay left. At the crossroads, continue right. Cut the D 13 (> be careful!), go up opposite the road and, in the bend, climb to the right along the path in the undergrowth. Reach an intersection.

Turn left, climb the steps at the edge of the cemetery, go around the church to the right and come out on the Place de l'Église [O> parish church of Saint-Martin 740th, Auvergne Romanesque art], in Polignac (XNUMX m).

Take rue du Levant on the left, go down and reach a crossroads.

Turn right onto rue du Toria, go down the stairs on the left and continue along the path. At the bottom, take the road on the left for 50 m, the grassy path on the right, cut the D 13 (> be careful!) and continue along the track to the Cheyrac crossroads.

Leave Cheyrac opposite, take the road on the right, cross the D 136 (> be careful!) and go up the track opposite. It turns left and passes the farm. 80 m later, climb the path lined with hedges to the right. It opens onto a narrow plateau (734 m), at the top of Aiguilhe.

At the crossroads, go down Opposite Chemin de la Boriette for 70 m and enter the park through the gate on the left. Hurry down the winding path, cross
the aisle and down the stairs. At the bottom, cross the road and use the stairs on the left. Continue downhill on the left, Chemin de Bouthezard.

At the roundabout, continue and cross the bridge over the Borne. Turn left, cross at the protected passage and continue left between the car park and the Saint-Michel rock.

Climb the Montée de la Coustette to the right (the staircase on the right provides access, rue Chosson, to the foot of the staircase which leads to the chapel, perched at the top, then rue Crozatier.

Place Saint-Clair, turn left towards the monument to
dead. Climb to the right via the hairpin lane. It ends with stairs and opens opposite the buildings of the Hôtel du Département. Go straight past the buildings, then turn left.

Continue straight on rue du Grasmanent. Take the covered alley and reach the high point in front of an entrance to the cathedral.

At the foot of the campanile, turn right onto rue de la Manécanterie and go down the stairs of Montée du Cloître on the left. Turn right onto rue Cardinal-de-Polignac, then left onto rue Boudon-Lashermes.

At the bottom, cross the street and go down rue Abbé-de-l'Epée on the right. Go right, cross Place de la Platrière diagonally to take Rue Sarrecrochet. Go down rue du Bessat on the left and end up in front of the Collège church.
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Duration06hElevation732 D- ​​/ 834 D+Distance26,4 kmMax Altitude857 m
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