in Le Puy-en-Velay

Etape GR 3 Le Puy-en-Velay – Goudet

From Puy-en-Velay, you will descend into the gorges of the wild Loire, dominated by various castles perched on wooded slopes.

Route details

Le Puy-en-Velay

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Go straight down rue Crozatier. At the bottom, turn left onto Boulevard Maréchal-Fayolle for 120 m.

Turn right on avenue Georges-Clemenceau. Cross the avenue (600 m), go up rue Pierre-Farigoule opposite, cross the bridge over the railway tracks and continue left for 100 m.

Turn right onto Avenue d’Ours-Mons. Before the swimming pool, take rue Édouard-Estonié on the right, then climb Chemin de Bel-Air on the left. At the fork, choose the left path and reach the center of Ours (780 m).

Cross the Route du Coudert (780 m), go down to the right via the Chemin du Vallon and leave the hamlet. In the bend before the N 88, go right and turn left to pass under the N 88 bridge.

At the crossroads (753 m), go straight ahead for 20 m, then turn onto the path on the right. It climbs, sometimes bordered by hedges.

At the top (830 m), at the collar between the two summits of Garde d'Ours and Garde de Mons, continue along the road for 50 m, then along the path opposite. It goes down and then winds. Take the track on the right. She arrives at the southern entrance to the craft zone.

Take the path on the left. After the cross, it goes down into the undergrowth [O> view of the Bouzols castle on the other side of the Loire] then becomes a road (Chemin de Taulhac then Chemin des Esclos). Reach the crossroads with the greenway, at the edge of the D 38 bend.

Take the D 38 on the left for 100 m, then go down the Route de la Chabanne on the left. At the cross, go down left then right into the Mourgues housing estate. At the bottom, take the D 37 on the right, then the D 38 on the left, cross the bridge over the Loire (625 m).

Continue on the D 38 on the left for 200 m. In the left turn, go straight on Route de l'Holme and pass the cross.

At the fork, continue right, still Route de l'Holme. It climbs in curves then goes around the hill of La Faye from the west and crosses L'Holme (or L'Olme) (810 m)

Continue along the road towards Poinsac. Leave the castle on the right, pass the farm (817 m) and continue along the road which, after a bend, reaches Les Cabarets.

Continue to go down the road on the right for 300 m. At the bend, take the wide path on the left. After a few meters, continue left. The undergrowth path remains on the side and leads to

Continue along the track. At the cross (770 m), continue on the D 27 on the left and go straight into Chadron. Leave the small square and the D 37 on the left.

Go down to the right by the road below the D 27. It turns right and goes down the slope. At the last houses, at the right bend, turn left onto the grassy path. It lowers between two low walls. Continue left on the D 37 for 50 m then, around the bend, on the small road opposite for 50 m.

Turn right on the grassy path, cut the D 37 and continue downhill opposite. The small road leads to Colempce-Bas.

Pass between the buildings, take the second staircase on the left, then turn right to continue on the D 37. Cross the bridge over the Gazeille (700 m) and continue for 250 m.

At Colempce-Haut, take the street on the left and go up to the left along the path lined with hedges for 100 m.

Turn right, pass the house, cut the D 37 and continue along the track opposite for 300 m.

Take the path on the left, at the edge of the woods. At the first intersection, continue straight on along the grassy path. At the second, continue straight on the track. She goes up to Onzillon.

On the square, take the alley towards Vazeilles. It continues along a gravel path which descends slightly and, after the bridge over the Fatte stream, rises gently towards Vazeilles.

Just before entering the hamlet, climb to the left the stony and ravine path bordered by hedges. At the first junction, continue the ascent straight ahead.

At the second junction, turn right. The path rises gently on the side.

At the next intersection, go left. After a bend, the path leaves the forest, climbs onto a wide ridge, then descends to reach the first houses of Les Salles. In the hamlet and
continue along the road on the right for 300 m.

Before the crossroads, take the track on the right and arrive at an intersection before descending towards the separate house.

Turn left onto the lightly marked path in the grass and continue right towards the top of the hillside overlooking the Loire. It extends into a path lined with low walls then down the slope to the afforestation

At the fork, stay left. The path climbs, still on the side, for 230 m. Continue along the path on the left and reach La Pénide (950 m), at the edge of the plateau. Continue along the access road on the left.

Cross the D 37 on the left, passes between the two houses, cut the D 49, continue along the path opposite for 30 m and emerge on a perpendicular path.

Turn right. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead. The path leads to the center of Saint-Martinde-Fugères (1 m).

Pass to the right of the church, turn left and continue straight on the D 49 to leave the village. Take the path on the left for 250 m until you reach a fork.

At the fork, go left. The path, due south, remains uncovered, then descends along a ridge.

At Prémajoux, continue the descent to the right along the path, sometimes gullied, on the ridge covered with sparse woods and moors. Cut the D 49 and go down opposite it. The path leads to the top of the village of Goudet. Go down the street and end up near the town hall, on the main street (774 m).
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration05hElevation928 D- ​​/ 1063 D+Distance31,2 kmMax Altitude1012 m
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