in Saint Vincent

Etape 17 Est GR 765 – Chalignac – Le Puy-en-Velay

From Saint-Vincent, you will reach the Château de Lavoûte-Polignac, then discover the majestic Fortress of Polignac.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

At the junction, turn left and follow this street straight ahead to cross the village. Continue on this road which goes up to get away from the town. Join Saint-Vincent and go straight on rue du Petit Prince. Ignore an alley on the left then at the crossroads, go straight ahead to pass the town hall. A little further on, the road becomes a path. At the fork, turn left and reach a crossroads.
Then turn right and stay on this track until you reach the houses of Labistour. By a bend on the right, pass under the railway line and emerge onto the D 103; Follow it to the right for 60 m and reach a crossroads, just before the bridge over the Loire.
Follow the D 25 towards Le Cros. Pass again under the railway line and immediately turn left towards Tholance. 
Just after the dike on the Loire, turn right onto a path which winds up under the trees. Reach the Rock. Pass between the houses then turn left onto the path which rises further. Arrive, at the top, on a perpendicular path near houses; take it on the left and continue until Rachat. Go to the center of the hamlet.
Go opposite. Stay on the main track which leads to meadows and reach the forest by turning left. At the start of a hairpin, reach a junction: go down to the right along a stony path which goes straight on to the village of Chanceaux.
In Chanceaux, after the first houses, go up to the right via a street which soon becomes a dirt road. Walk between fields, vineyard terraces and winegrowers' cabins. Ignore a path on the right and continue as far as the D 253. Cross the bridge over the Chalon stream and continue for 1 km by road.
At the bend, go straight ahead on the small road. At the cross, ignore the farm and keep heading along a path. Reach a fork: turn left and emerge onto a cross path.
Go right, cross a road (> be careful!) and go straight ahead for 150 m. Leave the road to climb to the right via a narrow sunken path.
Continue left along a wider path. Enter Polignac, going around the church on the right.
In front of the church, go left along the main street (rue du Levant, then rue du Toria).
Just after La Gourmantine, don't miss a staircase on the left, then follow the path which leads to a road; take it on the left for 50 m, then go down to the right along the grassy path. Cut the road and continue on the wide path. 
At the intersection, turn right. Cross the D 136 (> be careful!) and go up opposite. Pass the agricultural buildings by approximately 100 m. Take the path on the right and come out on a road at the top of the hill. Reach the crossroads.
Go down to the left along Chemin de la Boriette lined with low walls. At the fork, enter the Boriette park opposite and go down the winding path under the trees. At the exit, go right for a few meters, then take the stairs. At the bottom, go down the main road for 30 m. Just after the first house on the left, follow the grassy passage, then turn left.
Go down left via rue Montade-de-la-Boriette, then straight ahead via chemin de Bouthezard. At the hospital roundabout, head opposite to cross the bridge over the Borne. At the crossroads, go left for 20 m, cross Avenue de Bonneville at the protected passage and follow the path on the left at the foot of the Rocher Saint-Michel. Get to the end of the parking lot.
Take on the right the rise of Coustette which rises in Aiguilhe. Turn left towards the war memorial then go up the pedestrian street on the right which ends with stairs. Come out in front of the Hôtel du Département buildings. Go right, continue rue Gouteyron then turn left. Walk past the buildings then turn left and immediately take rue Becdeliévre which leads to Notre-Dame Cathedral.
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Duration04hElevation519 D- ​​/ 587 D+Distance17,7 kmMax Altitude857 m
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