in Roche-en-Régnier

Etape 16 Est – GR 765 – Roche-en-Régnier – Chalignac

From the top of Roche-en-Régnier you will go down towards the bed of the Loire, then you will stay to arrive near Saint-Vincent.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Take the D 29 on the left; follow it to the left for almost 400 m. Then turn left onto a wide dirt road which rises slightly. Ignore a path on the right. Then begin the descent until you reach an intersection. Turn left and find the D 29; take it on the right for 300 m.
At the bend, go down the slope on the left via an undergrowth path for more than 2 km. At the exit, at the bottom of the valley, join the D 103.
Take it on the right for 200 m (> be careful!). Turn right onto a gravel path which approaches then runs alongside the railway line. Pass under it and turn right onto the path overlooking the Loire. Join a small road, cross the railway line and continue until you find the D 103; follow it to the left for 400 m.
At the crossroads at the start of the right turn, turn left onto the middle path: it goes down between the meadows then turns right. After a climb, come out on a perpendicular path. Go down left, turn right and walk along the Loire. Join the first houses of Vorey-sur-Arzon. 
At the road, go right towards the gendarmerie, then left in front of it. Pass under the railway line then immediately turn left onto a bridge. Cross the town via this main street. Ignore the D 21 towards Bellevue-la-Montagne and reach the crossroads near the station. 
Turn right onto the D 28 towards Brigols. After 50 m, follow Chemin de Chaux on the left for 200 m. Then turn left onto rue Émile-Zola. At the last houses, leave the bitumen for a dirt road. Reach a crossroads.
Turn right, cross a stream on a footbridge and go straight up the valley, between woods and pastures, for 2 km. Lead to a cross path.
Turn left. Ignore a first path on the right and, in the bend, after 250 m, follow the dirt road to the right. Quickly leave this path for the grassy path which climbs on the left. After a short climb, reach a wide gravel path; on the right, head towards Cèneuil. > Access to the Suc de Cèneuil via the path on the left (1,8 km round trip – 35 min).
Cross Cèneuil [O > see the common oven and the assembly house]. At the bottom of the village, at the fork, go down the small road on the left extended by a gravel path [O > notice after the first bend, a beautiful circular wash house]. Join a path.
Proceed to the right until you reach the D 28; follow it to the right for 100 m, then turn left onto a path which passes between cultivated land and pastures to reach Chalignac.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation601 D- ​​/ 293 D+Distance15,2 kmMax Altitude902 m
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