in Bellevue-la-Montagne

Etape 15 Ouest – GR 765 – Bellevue-la-Montagne – Saint-Paulien

From the small village of Bellevue-la-Montagne you will then go to Saint-Paulien also called Ruessium during Ancient Rome.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Turn right onto Grande Allée (opposite, access to shops). At the end, turn left, then immediately right and join the D 906; cross it (> be careful), continue on a dirt road. At the road, go right, then left at the fork, for 50 m.
Turn left towards a house and continue opposite along a grassy path. Arrive on a road; take it on the right to the hamlet of Aubignac.
After the left curve, take the second wide dirt road on the left. It walks between agricultural or wooded plots. In the right bend, ignore two lanes on the left, then the path on the right to continue straight on until you reach a stream; ford it (> do not use the private footbridge). Pass to the left of the houses and use the chicanes to cross the pasture before returning to the road; follow it to the left for 120 m.
Just before Freycenet, take a path on the left. At the crossroads, continue opposite, crossing the Bourbouilloux stream and reaching the houses of Montredon.
Go down into the village, leaving a road on the left. After the stream, the path goes up and becomes a path after the last house. Continue straight into the valley. Pass the place called Mauriac and reach a junction. Ignore the road on the right.
After 20 m, turn onto the left path. After the bridge, continue straight on the wide dirt road. At the fork, stay right towards Cros. On arriving at the hamlet, the path divides: go down to the right and, via the small road, join a perpendicular road.
Go up opposite. The wide path enters the woods. At the first junction, turn left, then at the second, 80 m further, turn right. Leave the woods and continue straight on a small road to Saint-Paulien.
At the first intersection, go straight and arrive at a small square. Turn right onto rue Bollène, ignoring the other streets. At the end (Place Jeanne-d'Arc), turn right then turn left, rue de la Chapelle-des-Pénitents. Turn left to reach Place Saint-Georges behind Saint-Georges Church in the heart of the village.
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Duration04hElevation368 D- ​​/ 200 D+Distance12,8 kmMax Altitude998 m
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