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Etape 14 Ouest – GR 765 – Pontempeyrat – Bellevue-la-Montagne

Pontempeyrat is a village that the Ance river shared between the Loire and Haute-Loire. Its stone bridge is a link between the two departments.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

After the Pontempeyrat bridge, continue through the village to the church. Take the street which goes up immediately. At the intersection near a cross, choose the left lane and join the D 498; cross it (> be careful!) and climb opposite by the path under the trees. Find the tarmac and cross the bridge over the railway line and enter Orcerolles.
At the fork, in the center of the hamlet, turn left into a street which quickly becomes a dirt road. In the woods, when the path splits, turn right. Cross two small roads keeping the direction on Chemin de César. Then cross the railway line and continue straight on until the D 44. At the crossroads, follow the road opposite towards Grand, for approximately 150 m.
At the bend, take the path on the right. Come out at a junction with a track.
Go straight ahead, still on the Chemin de César until you reach a new junction at the bottom of the valley. Go opposite, cross the Galandres stream via the wooden footbridge and go back up to the D 9; cross it (> be careful!) and continue straight on the main path, ignoring the side paths. Arrive at a bend in a road.
Proceed on the road opposite, pass a crossroads towards Mondouilloux. Leave the houses of the Estrade on the right and arrive at a right bend.
Keep heading along the second path on the left which allows you to stay on the Chemin de César. Continue straight along the edge of the woods then into the undergrowth. Arrive at a junction.
Leave Chemin de César to go left for approximately 400 m. At the Manigrolle fountain, turn right. Continue straight ahead to exit the forest and arrive at Miollet. Cross the road and go opposite towards Les Meunières.
Just before the farm, turn right onto a grassy and stony path. Cross the Arzon on a footbridge and go up to the entrance to the town of Chomelix. Come out to the cemetery.
Take Rue de la Bollène on the left, cross the village. Continue via rue du Puy and arrive on the D 1; follow it to the left to leave the village. Use the abandoned road on the left to avoid the road for 250 m then find it again for around a hundred meters.
Turn left onto a dirt road that goes down into the forest. It joins a small road; take it on the right for 500 m.
Just before the houses of Sentenac, turn left onto a path at an acute angle. At the edge of the woods, several paths are available to hikers. Continue ahead and stay on the path
main to go down to Boudoux.
In the heart of the village, at the Assembly House, follow the path on the left between the houses; turn left after a house. Through this passage towards Boeux, go down into the Chamalière valley. Cross the river on the bridge then go back up into the woods. At the Meyrac houses, find the D 1; follow it to the left for 30 m.
Cross (> be careful!) to take a dirt road which climbs towards a ruin. He turns right, then left. End up on a perpendicular path. Turn left and follow this path in a straight line until you reach the houses of Bellevue-la-Montagne. At the entrance to the village, turn right onto rue du Château.
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Duration05hElevation329 D- ​​/ 524 D+Distance19,2 kmMax Altitude974 m
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