in Le Pertuis

Circuit 03 : Suc de Jorance

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The Pertuis

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Sometimes in the open, sometimes under the shade of the fir trees, paths and paths offer vast panoramas in the land of juices. Successively the Yssingelais, Glavenas and its chapel, the basin of the Emblavez appear on the horizon. Several hamlets are crossed: Sardat, la Chomette, Villevieille, Lherm. A scree, difficult to access and slippery in wet or winter weather, makes it possible to reach a wooden cross, perched at an altitude of 1150m on the northeast flank of Jorance (an avoidance route is planned). The "goat trail" runs along the Via Ferrata, then later a beautiful calade leads to the "Platou de la danse" at the top of Loségal.
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