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3e jour Saint Paulien – Le Puy-en-Velay

The history of Saint-Paulien begins after the conquest of Gaul by the Romans. A small town was built near a major land communication route oriented north-south. The first mention of this town

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St. Paulien


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1 Go around the church on the left, cross via the pedestrian crossing to continue rue du Lac. Cross a road to take Montée du Lac. In the housing estate the track splits. Use the one-way lane on the left. At the Grand Lac, continue Rue des Sorbiers and at the end of it, continue straight on along a dirt road.
2 At the road, at the entrance to the artisanal zone, go straight on until the D 906. Cross it (with great caution) to go towards Nolhac. At the stadium, turn left then turn right to enter the hamlet. At the crossroads turn right until you reach the pétanque court.
3 Turn right to take the path which passes by the wash house. It continues along a grassy path and ends on a wider path. Go right on this path. At the village of Marmilhac, cross a tarmac road to continue on a path that climbs into the woods. 
4 At the fork, follow the path on the left, arriving shortly after at a crossroads.
5 Follow the path opposite. It runs along the plateau before veering to the right and plunging into the valley of the Communac stream. At the village of the same name turn left. After the bridge, leave the road to go up to the right on a wide dirt road. At the high point arrive at a crossroads.
6 Turn left towards Bilhac. About 500 m later go down to the right. In Bilhac, first turn right then go down left towards the fountain. Shortly after turn right to leave the village. When the road starts to go down, leave it for a wide path on the right. Reaching a fork.
7 Go down on the right hand side. At the low point reach a junction. First turn right then follow the path on the left. Go up to Polignac and pass to the right of the Church. Follow rue du Levant on the left to go down into the village. 
8 Rue du Toria, go down a stone staircase on the left. At the road turn left then leave it for the grassy path on the right. Then cross a road and go straight on a wide path. At the intersection, turn right. Cross the D 136 (caution) and climb on the left. After a farm, turn right onto a path. Reach a crossroads.
9 Go down Chemin de la Boriette, enter the wood of the same name and cross it. Leaving the latter, go right and immediately go down to the left via a staircase.
10 Cross the crossroads to take a staircase on the left. Go down Chemin de Bouthezard on the left. At the roundabout, go straight to cross the Terminal. Turn left and cross the road to arrive at the foot of the Rocher Saint-Michel. Follow the Montée de la Coustette which rises in Aiguilhe.
11 Turn left towards the war memorial, then take the pedestrian street on the right which goes up and ends with stairs. Come out in front of the Hôtel du Département buildings. Walk past the buildings then turn left and immediately turn right onto rue Becdelièvre which leads to Notre Dame Cathedral.
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Duration05hElevation499 D- ​​/ 353 D+Distance16,1 kmMax Altitude832 m
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