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2e jour Allègre – Saint Paulien

Built on the side of the ancient Baury volcano, opposite that of Mont Bar, the town of Allègre is dominated by the ruins of a fortress built at the end of the 14th century on the site of a primitive castle dating from feudal times. At the end of the x

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In the event of bad weather (storm) you can avoid climbing Mont Bar by taking the variant of the GR 40 which passes on the southern flank of the volcano.

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

1 Place du Marchédial. Go up the stairs on the left to take rue du Château. Join rue des Clostres. Follow it to the right (on the left the “Potence” of Allègre and its panoramic view, not to be missed!). Go down to the right to find and cross rue du Château and reach rue Porte de Ravel. Follow it to the left for a few meters to continue the descent to the right. Cross using the pedestrian crossing and go down rue Germaine Tillon.
2 At the crossroads go opposite towards the police station. Continue straight ahead to take the path that climbs Mont Bar. At the fork stay on the main path on the right. And follow this forest path to the summit.
3 At this intersection go down opposite on the path on the right. The latter goes around the peat bog then comes down from the volcano. At the intersection go left. On the road, at the foot of the volcano, go left until you reach Céaux-d'Allègre.
4 At the entrance to the village, follow the path on the left, emerge between two houses in the main street and go down to the left. At the bottom of the village on the square (war memorial) go left towards Bellevue-la-Montagne and quickly leave the road for the small lane on the right. Cross the stream using the bridge and after 100 m discover a path on the left.
5 Follow this path along the Borne Orientale stream. Arriving at the Langlade houses, take the road on the right for approximately 900 m.
6 Leave the road for the path on the right which immediately splits. Continue on the left, cross the Chourioux stream then reach a crossroads. Follow the D54 towards Bellevue la Montagne for 300 m.
7 Turn right to take the path. Continue in a straight line, staying on the main path and ignoring the paths on either side. Continue until you reach a fork.
8 Use the path on the right and after 100 m, at the next fork, the path on the left. Reach Anviac. At the washhouses turn left, pass between the two houses and find a dirt road. At the high point, ignore the path on the right. Reach the Cros.
9 After the stream follow the GR 765 on the right. Join a perpendicular road. Cross it to go straight on. The path enters the woods. At the first junction turn left, at the second, 80 m further, turn right. Leave the woods and continue straight until you reach Saint-Paulien.
10 At the first intersection go straight and arrive at a small square. Take rue Bollène on the right. At the end of it, go straight on at the old entrance to the town and follow rue de la Chapelle des Pénitents. Turn left to reach Place Saint Georges in the heart of the town.
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Duration04hElevation643 D- ​​/ 392 D+Distance16,6 kmMax Altitude1153 m
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