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1er jour La Chaise-Dieu – Allègre

At an altitude of 1082 m, overlooking vast coniferous forests, the abbey church of La Chaise-Dieu (founded in 1043 by Robert de Turlande) appears to be a haven of serenity. Over the centuries, its multiple dependencies will extend over a large part of

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The Chaise-Dieu


Take care between points 3 and 4, when crossing the D906.

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

1 From the square under the Abbey, take rue Sainte Marie then rue Baniche and go straight ahead to reach a fork. Go left and reach a crossroads. Continue straight ahead then go down the path. When it splits, continue going down to the left. Continue along the edge of the forest.
2 Before reaching Arfeuilles, turn left to enter the forest. Climb up to reach a wider path. Take it to the right then exit the woods. Cross the road and continue on the track on the right.
3 Turn left then cross the railway tracks. Go straight on to the D 906. Cut it (be careful) and continue opposite on the abandoned road. It joins the D 906 again. Cut it to continue opposite on a small road. Cross the railway line again.
4 Take the second path on the left. Follow it straight until you reach the road. Take it on the right and reach Sembadel.
5 In the center of the village, at the church, take a narrow lane on the left which quickly becomes a path. Go down into the Rat stream valley. Cross it using the footbridge then go up to reach a road. Follow it to the right and join Hierbes. Go straight into the hamlet then at the exit go up the left lane. Go up between farmland then into the woods. At the road, go left until you reach a junction.
6 Leave the two roads to take the dirt road on the right. Coming out of the trees, pass between two fields to reach a road at the entrance to the hamlet of La Roche. There take a right between the houses. Continue straight on this dirt road. Reach a road at the village of Fournet. In the center of it, turn right.
7 At the junction, turn left and stay on this path which joins a road. Follow it straight on, overlooking Malaguet Lake. Near Varennes, turn right to go down a small road.
8 Turn right onto the path at the bottom of the valley and go straight to the road. Take it straight on for a few meters then, at the fork, take the right lane. Follow the D 133 on the left for a few meters then go up to the right. After 300 m, leave the road for a path on the left.
9 Cross Les Ignes by the main road then take the second road on the left. At the intersection go down the path opposite.
10 At the bottom of the valley, go up the path on the left then go down along the edge of the woods to the road. Go left and cross the bridge then go up the road. In the first bend, go straight on the path and go up to a wider path. Go left to cross the bridge over the railway line. Then head to the right.
11 At the first houses of Allègre, climb to the left to follow the Parc du Baron. Then go down an alley on the right to the foot of Porte Monsieur, go through this door to reach Place du Marchédial.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration05hElevation492 D- ​​/ 493 D+Distance21,6 kmMax Altitude1094 m
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