Tous les risques n'auront pas la saveur du succès

Saturday, December 14 at 20 a.m.
Theater Place du Breuil 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
Have you ever wondered about your ability to make choices? On the life paths you take?
In short, on all these obstacles that mark your existence and that everyone must try to overcome to find their own fulfillment...
“Not all risks will have the flavor of success” supports the idea that all our daring does not necessarily lead to success but that it is nevertheless important to follow them in order to progress and achieve.

“Alessandra has lost none of her audacity or her charm. " - Le Figaro
“Alessandra Sublet reinvents herself on stage, for a single introspective stage full of humor and tenderness. " - SHE
“A single, intimate and touching scene. " - Paris Match

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Opening hours on December 14, 2024
SaturdayOpens at 20:30 p.m.


Further information) :
Series 1: €36,
Series 2: €31,
Series 3: €23,
Series 4: €10.

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Live Drama
Place du Breuil
43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
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