Rassemblement international de Montgolfières 42è édition

Friday November 08
Moulin de Barette 9, rue de Barette 43700 Blavozy
Every year the international hot air balloon gathering colors the sky of Haute-Loire with its balloons of multiple shapes. Like every year, four flights are planned, obviously subject to current weather conditions.
Nine take-off sites are possible and the choice is made at the last moment, notably depending on the intensity and direction of the wind. The castle of Arlempdes (Arlempdes – Vielprat), the lake of Bouchet (Cayres – Le Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas), the banks of the Loire (Cussac-sur-Loire), Le Chambon (Coubon), the fortress of Polignac, Le Versonne (Saint-Paulien), the castle of Saint-Vidal, Le Breuil (Saint-Vincent) and Brigols (Vorey). Important reminder from the organizers: the public is prohibited on the takeoff areas.
Contacts and information from the Puy-en-Velay tourist office (which also offers posters and postcards), at or by email at [email protected].

Montgolfière en Velay offers first flights in a hot air balloon, all year round, accessible to all; discovery and adventure for 1 hour above the most beautiful sites of Haute-Loire

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Opening hours from November 08 to November 10, 2024

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Barette mill
9, rue de Barette
43700 Blavozy
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