Radio Tout Public

Saturday July 13 at 20:00 a.m.
Blanlhac (guinguette) 43800 Rosières
It’s the return of live radio to Nuits de Rêve. In 2024, we listen to Radio Tout Public! To get your bearings, it's simple, the two are complementary: the podcast is before the festival; debate radio is during… OK??
It will happen in two stages:
Act 1: the podcast at the end of June, on the usual streaming platforms.
These will be interviews with artists who will play at Nuits de Rêve… 2024: they will talk about their show, what led them to create it, why this show suits the Nuits de Rêve setting and atmosphere so well. Just to give you a little taste of all these
Act 2: the radio is therefore live but it is in fact a
debate, with the public!
It's the idea of ​​prolonging the discussion, of opening it to everyone by
bringing together actors, musicians, directors, etc. around a theme.
It’s the idea of ​​approaching live performance artists a little closer, to bring ideas to life with them, and to make the show and its imagination last a little longer…

dates and times

Opening hours on July 13, 2024
SaturdayOpens at 20 p.m.



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Blanlhac (guinguette)
43800 Rosieres
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