Saturday, October 26 at 17 a.m.
Theater Place du Breuil 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
This musical tale is given by Miss Lilipuce and her companion Bobo. Their meeting took place in songs, in finger and hand games, to the rhythms of small percussions and accompanied by the blue guitar.
Each spectator participates in the music of this show, from the youngest to their grandparents! With these shows, which are both fun and educational, the intention is to entertain, make people dream and transmit. They are aimed at a young audience but not only.
If indeed the subject is adapted to young people, it is also aimed at adults. With parents being the primary accompanists during the performances, the aim is to offer shows that bring together generations. The idea is that the label “young audience” which defines “little children” rather designates “big dreamers”.

dates and times

Opening hours on October 26, 2024
SaturdayOpens at 17 p.m.
Opening hours on October 29, 2024
TuesdayOpens at 10 p.m.
and at 17 p.m.
Opening hours on October 30, 2024
WednesdayOpens at 10 p.m.


8 €-
5 €-

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Live Drama
Place du Breuil
43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
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