Festival Région des Lumières au Château d'Aurec-sur-Loire

Sunday July 14
Château d'Aurec-sur-Loire 43110 Aurec-sur-Loire
The Region of Lights festival is coming to Aurec-sur-Loire Castle this summer!
For 6 years, the Festival Région des Lumières has included 51 shows in 37 different cities and more than two million spectators in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
Each year, the Region selects several sites, in order to offer all residents and tourists of the region an original sound and light program, renewed from one year to the next. This year, the festival passes through the Château d’Aurec-sur-Loire.

On the Aurec-sur-Loire castle, a line redraws the contours of the architecture, like an architect's drawing, then the walls are built, stone by stone, in 3D. A carpet of colorful flowers covering the facade opens onto an enchanted forest, in which animals frolic.
The history of Aurec-sur-Loire is then told, the countryside and its work in the fields, the banquets of the nobility, and the battles of the wars of the 15th century.
Nature, the water of the Loire are in the spotlight, the Aurec-sur-Loire suspension bridge, the Cornillon castle, the Notre-Dame de La Faye chapel, the Oriol Tower, are represented in this painting.
The city's industrial past is represented, particularly that of metallurgy.
Street-Art paintings, present in the city, appear on the facade of the castle, then open onto other works of Street-Art known throughout the world.
The show ends in a finale that will take spectators beyond the stars, into the Milky Way...

dates and times

Opening hours from July 13 to August 04, 2024
From dusk until midnight.



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Aurec-sur-Loire Castle
43110 Aurec-sur-Loire
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