The territory of Velay deserves that we take our shoes and lose ourselves in its exceptional landscapes. Le Velay invites you to travel, in very few kilometers to appreciate its varied and astonishing landscapes!

Nothing, my friend, can give you an idea of ​​the picturesque beauty of this Puy basin, and I know of no site whose character is more difficult to describe. It's not Switzerland, it's less terrible; it's not Italy, it's more beautiful; this is central France with all its extinct Vesuvius covered in splendid vegetation.

It is with these words that George Sand described his love for Velay. It's difficult to prove him wrong... Le Velay is full of exceptional landscapes which easily recall distant destinations and journeys but which are nevertheless visible within a few kilometers.

The air of the great Canadian spaces

Coming to Velay means enjoying its wide open spaces and natural landscapes. Land of volcanism, Le Puy-en-Velay and its region offer a Canadian feel to walkers who come to stroll along the shores of Lake Bouchet. Lava and water met in the depths of the earth's crust to create a large crater at the origin of today's lake. Popular with swimmers in summer, Lake Bouchet is also ideal for superb walks in all seasons. A change of scenery guaranteed…

Airs of Tuscany
in the city center of Puy-en-Velay

Walking around Puy-en-Velay is like breathing the air of Italy. The facades of the buildings in the city center are colorful, reminiscent of the sun and southern Tuscany. In summer, the smell of local market specialties fills the streets. You can feel the cobblestones under your feet in the streets of the protected area which lead to the Cathedral.

On the way to the great American West

It is one of the essential natural monuments of Velay. THE Corbeuf ravine, in Rosières, is a clay canyon reminiscent of Colorado. Its colors, its faults, its fine ridges and its small ravines immerse visitors in its landscapes, completely typical of the great American West.

View of the Corboeuf ravine in Rosières


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