Land for hiking, Velay is also characterized by its steep slopes and mountains to explore. We take a breath, we don't forget our walking stick and we're off to gain some height. Come, today we're having a summit! And to gain altitude, head for Mont Mézenc and Mont Meygal.

By gaining a little height, it is quite easy to realize the immensity of the Vellavian landscapes. It is in front of this breathtaking environment that we fall in love with unspoilt nature again. Like on Mont-Mézenc, which you will walk up to its 1753m high summit! Without a doubt, the most beautiful view that the Velay horizons can offer.

Mont Mézenc is the emblematic and therefore essential site of your stay. It is the highest peak in Haute-Loire and Ardèche: a summit which offers an exceptional 360° view over a large part of the South East of France, from the Alps to the Vercors without forgetting the Auvergne mountains. and Mont Ventoux.

Here you are in a land of volcanoes, facing vast expanses... Mont-Mézenc, we climb it or go around it, on foot! We mainly walk along paths that lead to the highest point of the department and its perched orientation table, right up there. Exceptional, indescribable... Yes, we are talking about the view that awaits you up there.

The landscape is magnificent, a sunny day which reveals the Alps in the distance. The pleasure is there.

Monts Mézenc and Meygal
Luke Olivier

Go to the summit of Mézenc

Parking at the Croix de Peccata.

  • From the parking lot, go perpendicular to the road on a wide forest path.
  • Then take 1er path on the left which leads towards the summit, between moors and rocks.
  • At the next intersection, go left towards the Croix du Mézenc.
  • Then turn right along the ridge line to the 2nd summit of Mezenc.

On the way to Meygal

Do you want more ? So let's go to Meygal, its juices and its summits! And there too, there is no shortage of landscapes. The peak of Lizieux is an almost oriental juice! It dominates the Yssingelais from the top of its 1388m, which offers a breathtaking 360° panorama, if you still have a little left.

And what about the great Testavoyre? It is the highest point of Meygal. Up there, at 1419m, a “bumpy” panorama made of conical peaks opens up to the eye. A little curiosity, the volcanic rock of this volcano is made up of phonolith which makes your walk sound! The discovery of rural heritage along your route is also remarkable.

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