The Cascade de la Beaume is a refreshing stroll in a spectacular natural site in Velay! The waterfall is located near the village of Agizoux, at an altitude of 900 meters, between Solignac-sur-Loire and Le Brignon. A hiking trail provides access to this popular natural site in the area!

It is the result of erosion: the waters of the Ourzie river cut into the basalt of the plateau and flow from the top of the cliff to fall 27 meters lower and give birth to the Beaume, a tributary of the Loire.

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ancient lava flows with dark walls

The circuit which provides access to the Beaume waterfall remains a pleasant walk with a belvedere which offers a breathtaking view. The path takes you through dark rock walls that represent the ancient lava flows making up the vast volcanic plateau above.

It is the stream which, during its history, has dug enough to leave only imposing cliffs where volcanic organs dominate. The site of the waterfall bears witness to the work of wear and tear started by the stream on a large rock mass where the organs remind us that the gray basalt was molten lava.


The Beaume waterfall is the largest in the department and also one of the most popular in the region! Its height impresses visitors with its 27 meters but it is also its water flow which strikes walkers and tourists. Its flow rate is estimated at 360 liters of water per second on average!

The name of the waterfall finds its origin in the term laitn balma which means cave. A name linked to the Devès plateau made up of basalt flows and which ends in the valley, forming a cliff.

The La Beaume waterfall in Solignac-sur-Loire
Luke Olivier

Discover the waterfall

Park in the Reynardon car park near the D54 between Brignon and Agizoux.

  • From the Reynardon car park, go under the D54 bridge and go to the footbridge which is against the wall.
  • Continue the path, when you come to a crossroads, continue straight towards the waterfall.
  • You will arrive at the viewpoint.
  • Continue straight ahead until the next intersection. From there, turn right, in a hairpin, to go to the waterfall.

There is also a trail starting from Solignac-sur-Loire on a 10,5 km loop –
2h50 – Difficulty: medium.
Warning: bring good shoes for the descent to the waterfall and avoid strollers.

On the circuit, you will alternate between earthy, rocky and wet paths, crossing a large part of the Agizoux forest. The latter, relatively dense, also offers visitors a great wealth of conifers, notably pines, but also elms and oaks.

On the way back, the developed path will take you along the cliffs and the river. Numerous wooden footbridges, scattered here and there, add their share of charm to this walk, between forest, river and notable waterfall.

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