Le Velay immerses you in its unique natural heritage. Its volcanic activity makes it a territory rich in varied landscapes and exceptional natural spaces. A refreshing escape to discover its waterfalls, its mid-mountains and its dormant volcanoes, of which here is a small selection!

The Colorado of Velay

The Ravine of Corboeuf

In Rosieres the Corboeuf ravinesurnamed The Colorado of Velay is an astonishing and fragile natural site. A canyon of multicolored clay, alternating small ravines and fine ridges, it immerses walkers in typical Arizona landscapes and will probably end up as a backdrop on your Facebook wall.

View of the Corboeuf ravine in Rosières
Luke Olivier

Discover the ravine

From the car park, a 3,2km walk on the PR 624 allows you to go around the Corboeuf ravine via the Via Fluvia and the hamlet of Chastel. The latter has managed to preserve and restore all of its vernacular heritage: wash house, oven, cross, assembly house, it is worth the detour!

The Beaume waterfall

The Icelandic

In the heart of the Agizoux forest, the Beaume waterfall, from its height of 27 meters, appears to be an unmissable spot for vacation photos! The green setting in contrast with the stone and a basalt lava flow amaze young and old in a fresh and family stroll.

The La Beaume waterfall in Solignac-sur-Loire
Luke Olivier

Discover the waterfall

From the car park, a 20-minute walk along the river brings you to the panoramic lookout. A path allows you to reach this wild water cathedral. For hikers, the PR67, departing from Solignac (10,5 km) adds the Devès plateau to your visit.

43370 Solignac-sur-Loire
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The Bourianne scree

The lava flow

It is a small river of stones which becomes a river as it gains height up to the orientation table located at its top. This incredible accumulation of basalt blocks will allow you to become aware of the force of erosion exerted on volcanic reliefs.

Discover the Bourianne scree

From the Place de l'Église car park in Saint-Julien d'Ance, a 4km walk awaits you to reach "the volcano plateau". The PR599, with a sometimes steep path, will allow you to reach and go around the lava flow.

43500 Saint-Julien-d'Ance
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Le Mont-Bar

The crater of allègre

Dominating the medieval town of Allègre from its height of 1167 meters, this Strombolian volcano is a unique case in France due to the existence, in its crater, of a peat bog. Classified Natura 2000, you will discover exceptional fauna and flora in the heart of a beech forest, at the gates of the medieval village of Allègre.

Luke Olivier

Discover Mont Bar

From the car park, you can discover the volcano in a round trip of around 3 km (2 hours) with a few steep passages. Four site interpretation desks are installed in the crater. For the more sporty, continue on the PR49 which will allow you to go around Mont Bar (5km).

And to complete your thirst for natural discoveries, discover below all our suggestions for discovering an exceptional heritage!

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