The Via Fluvia is a cycle route of more than 90km designed and secured for bikes and walkers across the Loire, Haute-Loire and Ardèche. Recognizable by the diversity of its landscapes, it is a 360° nature experience between Loire and Rhône that is offered to you along this old railway line accessible to as many people as possible.

The Via Fluvia

from one river to another

A concentrated route – in the end, it will be 120 km – with great ambition: that these sumptuous landscapes of volcanoes, forests, mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes are an ecological, sporty and zen introduction to the discovery of our terroirs.

By taking the Via Fluvia, everyone will be able to go at their own pace to meet nature but also the men and women, producers, artisans, creators who live there. More than a bouquet of experiences, the Via Fluvia is an open-air museum! From one universe to another we let ourselves be carried away!

This cycle route opens onto a large, preserved and spectacular outdoor paradise. The Via Fluvia is a cycle route that connects the Loire to the Rhône, two magnificent rivers that never cross.

The route of the Via Fluvia

in short !

The Via Fluvia crosses Haute-Loire, Loire & Ardèche, three territories with unique landscapes and environments... The opportunity to discover different worlds between nature, history, heritage and micro-adventure through this new route between greenway & cycle route! Stock up on energy and travel differently Throughout this route, take the time to stop and listen to the birdsong and observe the small heritage sites and landscapes that surround you.

The villages of Haute-Loire welcome you:

  • Lavoute-sur-Loire
  • Beaulieu
  • Rosières
  • Saint-Julien du Pinet
  • Yssingeaux
  • Grazac
  • Milk
  • Verne
  • hoarse
  • Montfaucon-en-Velay
  • dunieres
  • Riotord

In total, nearly 96 km of route for a 360° nature experience!

Discover the sections of the Via Fluvia step by step in Haute-Loire:

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Step 1: Lavoûte-sur-Loire / Yssingeaux

Step 1: Lavoûte-sur-Loire / Yssingeaux

This route is a warm-up on the balconies of the Loire, across the Emblavez plain, one of the few on the route, you will discover an open landscape offering beautiful perspectives on the juices of Velay. Distance: 22,6km

On foot on the Via Fluvia between Loire and Rhône


  • In Lavoûte-sur-Loire, parking lot of the Saint-Maurice church or Imp de la Gare
  • In Yssingeaux, Antreuil car park, bus station

From Lavoûte-sur-Loire to Saint-Julien-du-Pinet: groomed surface, gravel and irregularity (not recommended for road bikes, rollerblades and scooters) on cycle route.
From Saint-Julien-du-Pinet to Yssingeaux: coated surface accessible to all, alternating cycle route & greenway.

Step 2: Yssingeaux / Raucoules

Enter the unusual and unique domain of Sucs. These ancient dormant volcanoes in the shape of a dome, peak or sugar loaf, surprise the eye with each turn of the wheel. The Via Fluvia, Theater version of mini-volcanoes, is open landscapes, with gentle relief, between plateau, watercourses and rounded shapes of the Sucs. Distance: 20,5km

By bike on the Via Fluvia between Loire and Rhône


  • In Yssingeaux, Antreuil car park, bus station
  • In Raucoules, Oumey station, station car park

From Yssingeaux to Raucoules, asphalt surfacing over the entire route, alternating cycle route & greenway. You will find picnic areas, benches and toilets along the route.

Step 3: Raucoules / Riotord

Once upon a time, the Via Fluvia version of the train is an escapade between mountains and valleys that immerses you in the heart of natural landscapes. It's time to take a break. On this original section, you follow in the footsteps of an incredible railway heritage: steam train, viaducts... Ideal walk for curious young and old who will like to delve into the history of the railways. Distance: 19km

By bike on the Via Fluvia between Loire and Rhône


  • In Raucoules, Oumey car park
  • In Montfaucon-en-Velay, La Gare car park
  • In Dunières, La Galoche car park
  • In Riotord, Allée des Tilleuls car park

From Raucoules-Gare d'Oumey to Riotord (Maisonneuve), asphalt surfacing over the entire greenway route. Secure route. You will find picnic areas, benches and toilets along the route.

Step 4: Riotord / Saint-Sauveur-en-Rue

The Via Fluvia route stops at Maisonneuve (Maison Garde-barrière). As the Tracol Tunnel is not currently open to the public, an undeveloped junction is proposed to continue the route towards the Loire and Ardèche. Distance: 6,9km

By bike on the Via Fluvia between Loire and Rhône


  • In Riotord

This junction is only intended for expert itinerants who wish to reach Haute-Loire and complete the entire Via Fluvia. Follow the instructions below when you are in Maisonneuve, Haute-Loire side:
– In Maisonneuve at the end of the developed road, continue the path on your right, quite stony up to the hamlet of Saint-Meyras
- Follow the asphalt road on your left up to the “give way” overlooking the D503
– “Give way” take the right, be careful and keep to your right correctly; you are on a busy road and reach the Tracol.
-You arrive at the Col du Tracol, boundary between Haute-Loire and Loire

  • On the Haute-Loire side, travel the 62 km of track between Lavoûte-sur-Loire and Riotord
  • Between the Loire and the Ardèche, immerse yourself in the heart of the Pilat Regional Natural Park to the land of inventors from Saint-Sauveur-en-Rue (les Chavannes) and to Annonay over 26,7 km.
  • New Ardèche portion of 5,7 km between Annonay Visenty and Lac de Vert.
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Full-nature atmosphere

From Lavoûte-sur-Loire to Rosières, travel approximately 11 km. You can admire the magnificent Ravine of Corboeuf, fragile clay canyon nicknamed the Colorado of Velay.

To discover


The Velay is the cradle of the last wild river in Europe and the Velay volcanoes, you are now at the heart of history, where the Galoche experienced its greatest tragedy on June 26, 1944, on the Chavalamard Viaduct, after the train derailment. Here, the water flirts with green nature to offer you an exquisite experience of rejuvenation and adrenaline.

Julien Audigier
The castle of Lavoûte-Polignac on the way to Saint-Jacques

the castle of lavoûte-polignac

The Loire, in Velay is here a young, impetuous river, which makes its way between gorges and volcanoes.

Lavoûte-sur-Loire presents the first pleasure castle, Lavoûte-Polignac. Its silhouette resembles those of the majestic residences of the Loire Valley, in a raw and wild environment. The Loire, here, also offers exceptional biodiversity, landscapes that are sometimes harsh, sometimes serene.

3 Castle road
43800 Lavoute-sur-Loire
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KM 0 – Lavoûte-sur-Loire

Latitude: 45.119011 | Longitude: 3.906248

Type of terrain: Groomed route, dirt, gravel, suitable for all-terrain strollers

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