It’s an enigmatic title to say the least for a GR® de Pays! From the Allier gorges to the Forez mountains, from Langeac to La Chaise-Dieu, between castles and emblematic religious buildings, there is not one of the 9 days of hiking that is not worth experiencing!

A GR de Pays that has everything a great one!

On Robe de Bure and Cotte de Mailles, you set off for a hike on a 163 km loop, territories with very varied landscapes with superb heritage treasures as a common thread: religious buildings and castles.

The recommended steps of GRP Robe de Bure and Chainmail:

  • Stage 1: Langeac – Chanteuges: 19 km (4h45)
  • Stage 2: Chanteuges – Chavaniac-Lafayette: 15 km (3h45)
  • Stage 3: Chavaniac-Lafayette -Allègre: 21 km (5h15)
  • Stage 4: Allègre – La Chaise-Dieu: 21 km (5h15)
  • Stage 5: La Chaise-Dieu – Saint-Didier-sur-Doulon: 18 km (4h30)
  • Stage 6: Saint-Didier-sur-Doulon – Lavaudieu: 19 km (4h45)
  • Stage 7: Lavaudieu – Villeneuve-d’Allier: 18 km (4h30)
  • Stage 8: Villeneuve-d’Allier – Chilhac: 17 km (4h15)
  • Stage 9: Chilhac to Langeac: 15 km (3h45)


Rich in an exceptional natural heritage, Langeac is located between the chain of volcanoes of Puy and Margeride, within the Gorges de l'Allier. The city offers magnificent landscapes just waiting to be discovered.

At the heart of this natural setting, you will find numerous facilities to welcome you in order to best prepare your GRP: hotels, lodges, restaurants, shops and a municipal campsite, as well as numerous activities to discover.

GRP Bure Robe and Chainmail
Luke Olivier

A rich past in Langeac

From the settlement of the city around the year 1000, to the beginnings of commerce and crafts, through the industrial boom with the development of the mine and the creation of the railway, there are numerous historical and religious remains left over time which bear witness to the history of the city.

Chavaniac-Lafayette, meeting the hero of two worlds

Push open the doors of History... The mind and heart of General Lafayette are more present than ever in his home where voices take you back in time and lights guide you to the heart of this castle. The walls tell the story of his life, his happy childhood in Chavaniac, his marriage to Adrienne de Noailles where, as for a play, the stage was set and the characters brought together to stage this great event.

The Marquis de Lafayette would become famous for his intervention in America during the American War of Independence (1775-1783) and his participation in the two French Revolutions (1789 and 1830). His contribution to these great events gave him the nickname “heroes of both worlds”. From 1791, Lafayette modernized the castle of Chavaniac by the architect Ambroise Laurent Vaudoyer assisted by the painter Albert Ancica.

The Château de Chavaniac Lafayette exterior view

LA CHAISE-DIEU, the sacred stage

Discovering La Chaise-Dieu means visiting a tourist hotspot in the Puy-en-Velay region, nestled on a granite promontory at more than 1080 meters, a true haven of peace. The village enchants with the beauty of the place and its visits, also renowned for its famous Saint-Robert Abbey Church and its sacred music festival. It is to be seduced by its built and religious heritage which invites contemplation and meditation.


Lavaudieu (the valley of God) is one of Most beautiful villages in France.
The village is an obligatory detour for history lovers. Between cobbled streets, winegrowers' houses and agricultural tools of yesteryear, Lavaudieu immerses its visitors in another era.

This village, built on the banks of the Senouire, is built around its magnificent old Benedictine abbey.

Lavoute-Chilhac is also part of Most beautiful villages in France. The village takes its name from the Latin time, boucle, in reference to the winding course of the Allier which surrounds the village.

It is around a Cluniac priory that the village will develop, adapting to the requirements of the site, made up of a rocky cirque and the Allier river forming an almost perfect loop.

A town cradled by nature in the Gorges de l'Allier where the environment is conducive to numerous sporting or discovery activities.

Luke Olivier
The priory of Lavoûte-Chilhac


Plotting on an IGN map, description of the route, references to accommodation, restaurants, more generally all practical services, presentation of emblematic elements and reading of the landscapes, the Topoguide, light and easy to slip into the bag, is the tool essential to ensure peace of mind!



How long does GRP Robe de Bure and Chainmail last?

It takes 9 days of hiking to complete the 163km loop starting from Langeac in the Allier gorges.

Why GRP Bure Dress and Chainmail?

The name of the trail refers to the two types of clothing worn by monks and knights in the Middle Ages. The homespun robe was a simple and humble garment worn by monks. Chain mail was an armor made of small iron rings, worn by knights. The trail crosses a variety of landscapes, from the Allier gorges to the Forez mountains. It passes medieval villages, castles, churches and monasteries.

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