The GR®3 allows walkers to follow the longest river in France, from its source in Ardèche to its estuary in Loire-Atlantique: the Loire. 1243 km long in total, the GR®3 can be done in 52 stages, at a rate of around twenty kilometers per day. We offer you here a first part of this GR: from Mont Gerbier de Jonc to Saint-Étienne.


GR®3 Source and Gorges of the Loire 

  • Departure: Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc
  • Arrival: Saint-Étienne
  • Distance: 200 km
  • Distance: 9 days
  • Means of transport for departure/return: shuttle/bus
  • Website for more information:

The recommended steps on the GR®3 Source and Gorges of the Loire:

  • Stage 1: From Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc to the crossroads: 25,3 km
  • Stage 2: From the crossroads to Goudet: 18,4 km
  • Stage 3: From Goudet to Coubon: 27 km
  • Stage 4: From Coubon to Beaulieu: 24,4 km
  • Stage 5: From Beaulieu to Youee: 26,7 km
  • Stage 6: From Youse to Pont du Lignon: 22 km
  • Stage 7: From Pont du Lignon to Aurec-sur-Loire: 26,7 km
  • Stage 8: From Aurec-sur-Loire to Saint-Victor-sur-Loire: 16,5 km
  • Stage 9: From Saint-Victor-sur-Loire to Saint-Etienne: 11,9 km

La Wild Loire

Between basins and plateaus, the Loire begins at Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc and crosses the Ardèche department towards Puy-en-Velay. From then on, the Loire sets its course over the geology, faults and fractures of time. An impressive series of reliefs accompanies him as he crosses the communes, which reveal their beautiful heritage.

The first castles of la Loire

Steep sites, mountain plateaus or deep valleys, the Loire has favored the construction of castles over the centuries, the “first castles” of the Loire.

  • Arlempdes
  • Goudet
  • Bouzols
  • coubon
  • Fortified house of Volhac
  • Durian
  • Lavoute-Polignac
  • Artias
  • Monistrol-sur-Loire
  • Bass-and-Basset
  • Aurec-sur-Loire

The Gorges of the Loire classified Natura 2000

Hiking in the wild Loire Gorges also means encountering rich nature. They are full of natural spaces that are particularly attractive to birds. It is estimated that 115 species can be observed along the Loire, between torrents and whitewater. The Gorges de la Loire are also classified in the Natura 2000 network.

Visual topoguide GR3 Source and gorges of the Loire


Plotting on an IGN map, description of the route, references to accommodation, restaurants, more generally all practical services, presentation of emblematic elements and reading of the landscapes, the Topoguide, light and easy to slip into the bag, is the tool essential to ensure peace of mind!


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