We all love this moment! The one where you load the trunk of the car ready to bask in the pill by carefully placing in your beach bag: your towel, your sunscreen, your swimsuit. The engine is running, heading towards the beaches of Velay.

White water or swimming pools,

It’s up to you to choose your refreshing bath!

The territory of Velay is located at the sources of the wild Loire and the Allier river making it a unique playground for whitewater activities. The beaches on the banks of the Allier and the Loire await you to spend the afternoon.

Sand for sunbathing, tables for picnicking, rocks for making a bomb! In Monistrol d'Allier, Vivier beach will be your source of freshness. It is organized arounda natural swimming pool formed by the Allier and offers a welcome relaxing break a few steps below the GR65. More fine sand, a green beach in a beautiful volcanic and granite setting: no doubt, you are in Prades. Its beach, surrounded by the Allier and the surrounding hillsides, is popular for swimming but also for kayaking, canoeing or rafting.

If you feel like swimming in a volcano? We have what you need… Bouchet lake, between the Loire and the Allier, is a popular and supervised swimming spot in the summer season! A volcanic crater filled with water, to cool off on beautiful summer days.

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