There are all good reasons to travel in a group and discover Le Puy-en-Velay and its great landscapes! We have selected 7 that will make you want to come, because beauty must be combined with simplicity! And we know how to do that. We bet ?

Do you need turnkey stays for your group or a works council? Are you looking for an original stay for your club, your association or simply to please your friends? You are pack leader and your tribe is ready to set sail for a beautiful destination? Let yourself be seduced by Velay and its group travel professionals.

View of the Notre-Dame de France statue


A breathtaking heritage

You will hear  Whoa!, when your traveling companions stop at the bottom of rue de Tables to admire the beauty of the Puy-en-Velay cathedral. We will tell you that c'is wonderful when you have climbed the steps of the Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe rock and the 360° panorama is revealed before your eyes.

We will tell you Hey Michel, we were thinking of buying in the area when you discover the Fortress of Polignac dominating an immense green plain. You will surely be asked to organize group outings for Sunday mass when your friends discover the Abbatiale de la Chaise-Dieu and its recently renovated cloister.

Above all, we will tell you Thank you when the time of departure rings, already leaving room for the question: Hey, when are we coming back?

The juice of Ceneuil in Saint-Vincent on the way to Saint-Jacques
Luke Olivier


Striking landscapes

Climb mountains, walk on volcanoes, succumb to the charms of the banks of the Loire, marvel at the wide open spaces of Velay. Do you really think you can resist it? Hard to believe... especially when you feel like John Wayne in front of the Wild West landscapes of Velay. A territory of very large spaces is available to you to discover waterfalls, volcanoes and mountains according to your stay, but above all to your desire for adventure.

The Château de Chavaniac Lafayette exterior view
Luke Olivier


Men make history

The Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the Two Worlds and the American War of Independence, François 1er, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jules Vallès… are all historical figures who have left their mark on our history and were seduced by the lands of Velay.

The gastronomy of Puy-en-Velay


Ideal for gourmands

Savoring the terroir and its many riches, tasting the truly good products of a preserved territory, that's also Velay! Discovering the specialties, you will be seduced by the authentic values ​​of Vellavian gastronomy. Its agricultural and livestock lands, its fine Gras du Mézenc, its black sheep from Velay neira, its Vourzac trout, its artisous cheese, its verbena, its lentils, its red fruits pearls of Velay… Everything here sounds like a call to share, to good restaurants. In Velay, you will always feel good about yourself!

Puy-en-Velay town hall during Puy de Lumières
Luke Olivier


Always a good outing to do

Pfff, there’s nothing to do in Le Puy! Oh the cliché! If you don't believe us, ask the 80.000 spectators at the Tour de France in 2017. Better! Ask the question to the 250.000 visitors who were able to admire Puy de Lumières every evening until September 30. Le Velay is a land of great events and there is always an outing that suits you. Festivals, concerts, entertainment, everything is planned to experience Le Puy at night!

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Top service providers to get organized

From large capacity accommodation to high-end hotels, from country inns to starred restaurants, from outdoor service providers to listed monuments, you will be in contact with qualified and competent professionals. The quality of welcome makes Velay a place where you feel at home. With family, friends, with your club... our quality service providers will make your stay a truly happy break in Velay.

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To have peace of mind

Coach parking, proximity to the city center, transport providers... everything has been designed to accommodate your group in the best conditions. The services and facilities offered by our group stays have been carefully designed to avoid any inconvenience during your trip.

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