Variante GR65 par Bains

An essential variant of the first stages from Puy-en-Velay to Figeac, this alternative route will take you to the small village of Bains and its 12th and 13th century church.
After the village of Tallode, leave the GR® 65 which continues on the road, for a dirt road on the right between agricultural land. At the first fork, ignore the path on the left to continue straight ahead. Reach the bend of a wider path. Go up to the right. Arrive at a junction.

Go left. at the fork, at the entrance to Augeac, turn left. Find the tar at the first houses then turn right. In the center of the hamlet continue straight; pass near the bread oven, the washhouse, then to the right of the assembly house. Stay on the road until the last houses in the village. 200 m later, notice a path on the right.

Take this path on the right. Reach a small road. Follow it to the left to reach Bains.
cross the main street on the pedestrian crossing, continue on the square opposite, passing to the right of the church. Turn left onto Chemin de la Garde de Moutet. Leave the town soon. Follow the wide path which passes next to an old quarry then joins a perpendicular path.

Turn right and walk about 250 m before turning left. The path gradually climbs between agricultural plots until reaching a road in the hamlet of Fay. 

Follow the road for 50 m then leave it for the wide path on the left. At the junction, turn left. Continue in a straight line on this wide path towards Montbonnet; lead to the D 589.
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Location details

Departure location: Tallode.
Place of arrival: Montbonnet.




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