Le Puy-en-Velay

Street Shop et Soda Lounge

The Alti SK'8 Shop welcomes you in 220 m2 of atmosphere dedicated to Street, Snowboarding, Riders and good humor.
A unique concept store in Puy en Velay…You may not be the Lords of Dogtown but for US, you will be much more than that, you will be the Future Lords “Alti Ligérien”.

Beyond a simple shop, it is also a place for sporting, artistic and human exchanges as well as recreational activities between generations.
Its Snacking and Soda Lounge offers you Japanese (Manga) and American drinks, but also the original hot dog as well as the typical dish of the rising sun “Ramen”

A world for all of you!

Good spirit, gentleness and passion for sport are the DNA of the Alti SK'8 shop

PADDLE rental for the day or half day, inquire with Team SK'8

Snaking / Soda Lounge, “Japanese Manga” / Skateboard / Roller Quad / BMX Bike / Freestyle Scooter / Protection / Paddle/ Shoes /
Ready to wear...Socks, belts, backpack, boxers, sliding equipment, graf spray, accessories and many other surprises...
We speak French



  • Equipment rental
  • Catering
  • Fast food


Street Shop and Soda Lounge
6 Boulevard Carnot
43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
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