PR700 Château de Mercœur et tour de Rochegude

From Saint-Privat-d'Allier, a perched village, a stopover on the road to Compostela, set off to discover the old dungeon of Mercoeur and the dizzying chapel of Rochegude.
From the town hall, go down towards the center.

Cross the D 589, go down the steps opposite, go around the school on the left and climb the path on the left. Take the D 40 on the right for 25 m, then go up the stairs on the left. At the houses, climb the alley to the right, follow the path on the right and emerge on the church esplanade. Turn left, go down and, on the square, turn right.

Take the D 589 on the right (GR® 65) for 130 m and go down the ramp on the right. After Pique-Meule, cross the stream and climb up the path.

At the top, take the path on the left, go down to the left and go up the road on the right. At the entrance to Le Villard, go to the left of the bread oven. Continue opposite for 70 m, right then left.

At the exit, take the path on the right. Under the power line, continue right. Cut the D 589 (> be careful!) and continue opposite. Stay right. Take the road on the left and cross Rougeac.

At the exit, take the track on the left. Take the road on the left for 100 m and, at the stone cross, the path between the two roads. At Mercury, take the road on the right for 50 m, then the street on the left. It goes up, becomes a path and leaves the hamlet.

At the crossroads, turn right and go up. Just after the Château de Mercoeur, take the street on the left and continue left for 40 m. Take the track on the right and arrive at an intersection.
> On the right, 250 m away, the path leads to a panorama [W> over the Allier valley].

Turn left. Take the road on the right and continue straight on the main road. It goes down to Rochegude [O> chapel; view of the Allier valley].

Turn left onto the path (GR® 65) below the road. Continue either by road or by path and cross Combriaux. Go down the cobblestone path to the right. Cross two roads, continue downhill and, after the stream, advance on the D 301. At the cross, take the path on the left [O> view of the village and the valley]. Go down the road opposite
and find the starting point.
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Location details

Departure location: Saint-Privat-d’Allier.
Place of arrival: Saint-Privat-d’Allier.
Saint-Privat-d'Allier, 25 km west of Le Puy via the D 589
Recommended parking: Parking at the town hall. .




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