PR698 Le chemin des Escaïnes

From the banks of the Sumène, set off to discover the nooks and crannies
secrets of Blavozy. You will see, as you pass, everything that characterizes Velay: fountains, common oven, assembly house...
From Place de la Naute, above the crèche, go up, then take the main street (rue de l'Arkose, D 988a) on the right. Go left between the church and the fountain. Just after the church, go under the porch on the left then under a second and use the stairs. Follow the path opposite. Cross the stream on the small bridge and go up to the school. Go down left via rue de la Côte.

Turn left onto rue de l’École. Go down the bends of rue de la Maternelle on the left. Cross Rue Centrale at the pedestrian crossing and follow it to the right until you reach the fountain. Go down to the left, pass the common oven and go down the steps.

Turn right into the unpaved lane. Go back up to the right. Follow rue Centrale on the left for 50 m, then go down left. Turn right onto rue de la Fontaine. Pass in front of the Vieille Fontaine then, at the end of
the street, take the route des Vios on the left.

On Place des Auches, turn right into Rue du Combier.

Go up to the left via the narrow rue du Bassin. Turn right on rue des Vios at the edge of the trough and arrive at the assembly house [O> topped with a bell tower]. Take rue de la Charreyre (D 156) on the right and cross the white bridge over the Sumène.

Just after, go left towards the stadium, stay left and cross the pedestrian bridge over the Sumène. Go around the gymnasium to the right to find Place de la Naute. O> Many local surnames originate from patois words linked to activities: these are the “escaïnes”, explained throughout
a path illustrated with old photos which allow you to relive the past, as in the time of vigils at the assembly house.
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Location details

Departure location: Blavozy.
Place of arrival: Blavozy.
Blavozy, 9 km east of Le Puy via the D 373, N 88 and D 988a
Recommended parking: Place de la Naute (west side of the gymnasium).




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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