PR686 La route des marchands

This route will take you in the wake of merchants and peddlers while introducing you to the vernacular heritage of this territory nestled on the borders of Auvergne and Velay.
Take the road towards the south and, still in the hamlet, go right. In the bend, continue on the road on the left.
At the fork, take the path on the right. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead and go down to a junction.
Turn left onto the wider path. He goes up and passes Meyrac. Take the D 91 on the left for 560 m, then leave it for a path on the left towards Le Pont-de-Chaumat. After the hamlet, go straight to a crossroads.
Continue straight ahead for 2 km on the wide lane, ignoring the departures on the right and left.
In the forest, ignore the path on the left and, 5 m later, at the fork, continue on the left.
At the crossroads, in the clearing, head left for a few meters, right then left.
A little further up, turn left. Ignore the path on the left and continue along the forest path. When the slope softens, ignore the path on the left to stay on the main path and reach a junction. Turn left, pass Chanteloube and continue along the main path which goes down to Marus.
At the wash house, take the road on the left. She takes it back to Triouleyre.
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Location details

Lieu de départ : Saint-Jean-d'Aubrigoux.
Lieu d’arrivée : Saint-Jean-d’Aubrigoux.
Triouleyre, à 6 km au nord-ouest de Craponne
par la D 9 et, à Saint-Jean-d’Aubrigoux, la route à droite.
Parking conseillé : Dans le hameau de Triouleyre .




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43500 Saint-Jean-d'Aubrigoux
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