PR684 De maars en planèze

An aerial hike which will offer you a wide variety of panoramas over the Emblavez, the Loire, the Sucs, the Puy basin and the Devès plateau. You can also discover the agricultural terraces of Chanceaux, the menhir of Nolhac or even the
Leave the village via the main street towards the north. At the school, turn right, pass the cemetery and reach a crossroads in the valley. Continue right along the stream. The path leads to a road; go up it to the left until the first bend.
Climb into the woods via the wide path on the right and come out on an agricultural plateau. At the road, go right for 180 m, then take the path on the right. Find the tar at the entrance to the village of Vialette. Go right, and in the center of the hamlet, again right twice.
At the last house (agricultural shed), take the dirt road on the left. At the road, go right, then left at the crossroads towards Ceyssaguet. Continue straight on the main path until you reach a small road. From the left, cross Rachat in a straight line, then using the path after the bread oven. The path turns left and arrives at a junction [> view of the Loire valley].
Go down to the right towards Chanceaux. After the first houses in the village, go up to the right via a street which soon becomes a path. Proceed thus between the agricultural lands [> “chibottes”: old dry stone huts of the winegrowers]. At the junction, continue to go straight down then reach a fork.
Follow the path which goes up to the right. Quickly, it divides. Turn left and join the stream; cross it on the bridge then go up to Rochelimagne. Turn left, then right. Cross (> be careful!) then follow the D 13 on the right for 100 m. Turn left onto the small road which leads to Communac. In the hamlet, turn left then, at the last houses, reach a junction.
Go up the path on the right between cultivated land then into the woods. At the high point, the path winds between pastures and ends at a crossroads. Go opposite then ignore a path coming from the left. Cut a small road at Marminhac and proceed along the wide path. > Bending to the right, a wide path leads to the lake (1,2 km round trip).
Continue to a road at the entrance to Nolhac [> menhir]; take it on the right.
Take the path on the right. When it splits, continue left. Cut the road to Nolhac to take the rue du Pigeonnier. At the end, return to Blanzac on the right.
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Lieu de départ : Blanzac.
Lieu d’arrivée : Blanzac.
Blanzac, à 6 km au nord du Puy-en-Velay par la D 13.
Parking conseillé : Place de la Fontaine, près de l’église. .




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