PR683 De Garitou aux Ardennes

Here is a beautiful walk around the Borne Orientale, between the Ardennes woods and the Garitou woods. You will also cross the villages with the exotic names of Cairo and Moissac.
From the hamlet of Chambeyrac, cross the D 211 road opposite a farm to take a dirt road. It winds between woods and farmland. Cross a road and follow the path opposite under the trees; it emerges after a few meters onto a wide forest path. Take it to the right and arrive at the edge of a pine wood at a junction.
Continue left. Cross the Borne Orientale stream and soon arrive on a small road; take it on the right for 200 m.
Leave the tarmac for the path on the right. Go up into the woods and continue straight on until you reach another road. Then go left then, at the crossroads, turn right.
Once again under the trees, leave the road for a wide path on the right. Arrive very quickly at a crossroads.
Go down to the right into the woods. At the road, go left. After the bridge, climb to the left on the path which avoids the bend in the road. Then continue to the village of Cairo.
Turn right after the first houses, cross the community going to the left after the wash house. Leave the village and go up the road on the right. Continue to Moissac and, at the exit of the hamlet, after the last house, follow the path on the left. Go straight to the forest. Reach a fork in the path.
Turn right. Join the D 211 at a crossroads. Ignore the road on the right to follow the D 211 to the right for 70 m. Turn right onto the path under the pines, then turn left onto a perpendicular path to reach Chambeyrac.
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Departure location: Chambeyrac (municipality of Céaux-d’Allègre).
Place of arrival: Chambeyrac (commune of Céaux-d’Allègre).
Chambeyrac (commune of Céaux-d'Allègre), 6 km northeast of Allègre via the D 21 and D 211.
Recommended parking: At the edge of the D 211. .




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