PR671 Panorama sur le Val de Loire

From the Emblavez plain, this circuit takes you to the edges of the granite plateau, to then offer you magnificent views overlooking the meanders of the Loire gorges and the architectural jewel that is the Château de Lavoûte-Polignac.
From Cros, take the road passing under the railway line. Higher up, at the bridge, continue on the right. On the plateau, turn left onto a path. Find a road a little further on and take it on the left.
At the fork, go left on the path. When it becomes tarmac, continue straight on until you reach a crossroads.
Turn left on the path. Cross the road and climb opposite in the forest. Ignore a path on the right and, shortly after, reach the road. Cross it to continue opposite on the path. Cut it again and go up the path opposite. At the fork, turn left.
A little further up, turn left and go up the main path to the road. Cut it and climb opposite. At the intersection, turn right.
At the edge, turn left, then continue through the undergrowth. Reach the Baraques then, at the crossroads, go straight ahead. At the fork, turn left onto the track towards Roche Haute. Stay on the track.
Ignore the path leading to the farm on the left and continue for a few meters on the narrow path. Pass near a ruin, then turn left to continue going down.
Turn right to go alongside the house. A little further down, ignore a path going straight ahead and continue the winding descent to the road. Follow it to the left along the Loire then the railway line. Turn right to take the tunnel and reach the starting point.
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Lieu de départ : Le Cros (Lavoûte-sur-Loire).
Lieu d’arrivée : Le Cros (Lavoûte-sur-Loire).
Lavoûte-sur-Loire, in the Loire gorges, 11 km north of Puyen-Velay via the D 103.
Parking conseillé : Place du Cros. .




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