PR654 Sentier de la Loire sauvage

From the cultivated highlands, follow the “wild” Loire for a chance encounter with its rare birds.
From the starting sign, follow the path which soon splits.
In this fork, take the path between the two paths that goes down into the pasture. Under the house, reach a junction.
Take the path on the left. After a long descent, reach Mas de Bonnefont. Continue until you reach the Loire.
Follow the path on the bank to the right. After the Bonnefont spring, the path goes up to the right and joins another path.
Go left. The path, overlooking the Loire, continues under the trees. Reach a wider path.
Go up to the right. The path climbs until returning to point 3. Cross the pasture to find the starting point.
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Very easy

Location details

Lieu de départ : Les Salles (Saint-Martin-de-Fugères).
Lieu d’arrivée : Les Salles (Saint-Martin-de-Fugères).
Hameau des Salles (Saint-Martin-de-Fugères), à 4 km au nord de Saint-Martin-de-Fugères ; arrivée dans ce hameau, suivre le flèchage « Bonnefont ».
Parking conseillé : Parking à 300 m du hameau des Salles (Saint-Martin-de-Fugères) .




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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43150 Saint-Martin-de-Fugeres
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