PR634 Le ravin de Corbœuf

This easy walk takes you to discover an extraordinary site, an unusual landscape that has the feel of the Wild West; from an old railway station, and all around Corboeuf, a canyon of versicolored clay…
Follow Avenue de la Gare and, at the crossroads, go straight ahead to take the old “Galoche” railway line. After the second viaduct, then turn left onto a path. Under the trees, climb to the right along a path which offers views of the Corboeuf ravine.
In the hamlet of Chastel, turn left onto the road. Ignore a path that goes up to the right and continue on the road. 
In a bend, leave the road for a path on the left (view of the Corboeuf ravine).
At the fork, go left onto a narrow grassy path. Follow it down to the first houses of Rosières. Then follow the road to reach the starting point.
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Very easy

Location details

Departure location: Rosières.
Place of arrival: Rosières.
Rosières, 19 km northeast of Puy-en-Velay, via the D 103 then the D 7 from Lavoûte-surLoire.
Recommended parking: Old station square, after the gendarmerie. .




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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