PR630 Le Peuch

Climb from Saint-Préjet and its lake to the hamlet of Peuch to discover a breathtaking view of the Ance valley. The return, via a very bucolic path along the river, ends on the banks of the lake.
From Place de la Mairie, take Rue du Four towards the campsite. Continue straight on the tree-lined path. At the cross which dominates the Ance, take the path (sports course) which heads towards the woods.
At the intersection, continue opposite along the path in the woods. 
At the fork, before the first house in Valette, go up the path on the left. Cross the road and continue on the path which rises up the side of the undergrowth. Take the road on the right for 100 m.
Go down the path on the right and cross the Mazel stream. On the other side, the path curves around and climbs up the slope. Go around the Peuch houses on the left.
Continue along the grassy path to La Valette. It goes down into the woods (> follow the signs carefully!).
Just before the track along the Pouzas dam, find the path, barely visible, on the right. It dominates the track and has several delicate passages (> caution!). Further on, it widens, passes near an old mill and emerges onto a wide lane, below the Valette dam.
Ignore the bridge to go up to the right. At the houses of La Valette, stay left to find the outward fork.

3. Continuer tout droit.
2.  À la patte d’oie, rester sur le sentier du milieu, utilisé à l’aller, pour
rejoindre le point de départ.
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Location details

Departure location: Saint-Prejet-d’Allier.
Place of arrival: Saint-Prejet-d’Allier.
Saint-Préjet-d'Allier is accessible from Monistrol-d'Allier via the D332.
Recommended parking: Place de la Mairie. .




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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