PR621 Les sources de la Borne

This hike is a return to basics…waterways. You cross the Western Terminal twice, the Chamalière twice, the Eastern Terminal once near Félines, and you will approach the sources of the Dorette near the old station.
With your back to the church, head straight towards Bouchage. Pass under the D 906. Just after, turn right onto the path. At the picnic area, go left. At the fork, continue left. In the woods, the path splits.
Go right. At the next fork [> wrought iron cross], continue to the right. Reach a small road. Follow it on the left until you reach the hamlet of Favet. Follow the street on the right which soon passes under the railway line and joins the D 13. Cross (> be careful!) and continue opposite. Go down into the woods, cross the Western Terminal and arrive at a crossroads. Turn left and arrive on a perpendicular path.
Turn right onto the path at the edge of the woods. Soon discover a hollow path on the right. Go down it and join a wide track. Go left to end up on the road at the entrance to Sembadel-Gare. Turn right, then turn left to pass over the railway tracks. At the crossroads, cross the road and the railway line. Just before the house, take the path on the right. In the woods, at the intersection, go straight. Come out onto a road. Follow it to the right and cross the railway tracks. Immediately, between the buildings, discover a path on the left.
Take this path which continues in a straight line through the woods. Cross a road and find a wide path which continues into the forest. Join Almancette. At the last house, take the path on the right at the edge of the woods. Continue until the crossroads.
Turn right. Shortly after, at the fork, go right, then continue left. Arrive on a small road. Follow it to the right for 100 m, then turn left onto a narrow path. Find a route. Then go right and, at the intersection, continue opposite on the path which goes up into the woods. At the fork, continue left. Reach a track.
Take it on the right. After a high point, the trail exits the woods. Reach a road at the entrance to Almance. Go left and, at the bottom of the village, turn right. Stay on the road until you discover, at the high point, a path on the right.
Leave the road for this path which climbs between meadows, then into the woods. At the crossroads, turn left. After 500 m, arrive at a junction. Turn right. Go down slightly, cross a small road, then the Oriental Terminal, before joining Félines.
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Lieu de départ : Félines.
Lieu d’arrivée : Félines.
Félines, à 7,5 km au sudest de La Chaise-Dieu par la D 906 en direction du Puy-en-Velay.
Recommended parking: In the square in front of the church. .




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