PR619 Entre bourg et gare

A complete trail along which you can discover the vernacular, forestry, religious and railway heritage, punctuated by beautiful rural architecture and vast landscapes.
From the center of Sembadel, take the D 22 towards Sembadel-Gare. At the exit of the village, turn left onto the wide path. Continue in a straight line, ignoring secondary paths. Reach a fork in the road.
Go right for 80 m, then turn right again under the trees. At the exit of the woods, the path joins Vernède. At the intersection, continue straight on. Leave the village. At the low point, leave the road for the path on the right. It rises slightly, then, in the forest, splits.
Then take the grassy path to the left. Coming out of the trees, find a road below a sawmill. Go up opposite, then turn left to cross the railway line and continue on this road to the station [> 200 m, straight ahead: chapel of Notre-Dame de la Forêt].
Opposite the station, turn right onto the road which goes around it. Cross the railway line, then continue on the left. Pass between the warehouses and the rotunda. Just before joining the D 13, discover a gravel path on the right.
Follow this path to the right. At the fork, ignore the path which goes up to the Maisons de la Roche on the right and continue for another 300 m. Then discover a path on the right under the hazelnut trees.
Go up to the right following this path. Turn right to reach La Roche. In the center of the hamlet, follow the road on the left. Arrive on a perpendicular road.
Cross it and continue opposite in the meadow. Find a path at the entrance to the woods. Arrive at a crossroads. Turn left for 450 m and find a dirt road on the right.
Use this path on the right to go down towards the village of Hierbes. At the town hall, after the wash house, follow the road towards Sembadel-Bourg. After the intersection, at the bend, leave the road for the path on the left. At the bottom of the valley, cross the Rat stream. After a hill, the path reaches Sembadel.
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Lieu de départ : Sembadel-Bourg.
Lieu d’arrivée : Sembadel-Bourg.
Sembadel-Bourg, à 6 km au sud de La Chaise-Dieu par la D 906, puis la D 22.
Parking conseillé : Devant l’église. .




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