PR616 La croix de Lavèze

From the Lavèze cross, the abbey church appears in all its splendor, like a protective beacon encouraging meditation on the beauties of nature.
From the front of the church, going up, take the street on the right which leads towards the cemetery. Quickly leave the village and arrive at a crossroads.
Leave the road for the right-angled path on the right. At the edge of the woods, the path splits. Go left along the edge. The path descends gradually to reach a small road perpendicular to a place called Froidemaison. Follow this road to the right for 400 m.
Leave the road to climb to the left along a very steep path for 400 m. After a flat area, come to a crossroads [> cross of Lavèze, panorama of La Chaise-Dieu]. Go right to reach Lavèze.
At the first houses, take the left path. Go down gradually on this wide path between woods and pastures and reach a junction.
Leave the wide path for the path which goes up to the left in the woods. Pass near the houses of Rochefolle. Arrive on a small road and follow it to the right. Cut the D 201 to go up towards Montrecoux. At the top of the hamlet, notice a hollow path which goes off to the left.
Turn left, go down between the pastures. After the farm, arrive on a road. Follow the second path on the right, first along the edge, then under the trees. Continue on this forest track until you reach a junction just before a small road.
Follow the path parallel to the road to the right for 150 m before joining it. Continue on the road until you reach an oratory of Saint Robert.
Then turn at an acute angle to the left. Continue straight ahead, crossing two perpendicular paths. At the fork, turn left. At the end of the woods, the path goes down to find Connangles.
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Location details

Departure location: Connangles.
Place of arrival: Connangles.
Connangles, 6,5 km southwest of La Chaise-Dieu via the D 4, then the D 20 on the right.
Recommended parking: Small square, in front of the church. .




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