PR612 Les balcons du plateau

Set off to discover the authentic countryside: forest, villages, pastures added to a panorama of the mountains and puys of Margeride, Cantal and Sancy.
With your back to the church, take the road on the left. At the fountain, follow the street on the left and exit Cistrières. At the fork, leave the road for the wide path on the right. Pass near a house, then enter the forest. Arrive at a junction.
Leave the PR 613 to go left and continue straight ahead. At the next crossroads, go down to the right. At the fork, continue left. Come out on a road and follow it to the left. At the crossroads (La Barbate), take the path opposite which enters the woods. At the first fork, go down to the right. At the second [> remarkable beech], continue to the right. At the third, go up the path on the left. At the small road, go right until you discover a path on the left.
Follow this path to the hamlet of Montel. Cross the road to go down opposite between the houses. The path becomes a path and splits. Take the path furthest to the right to go down into the Tourchon valley. Cross the stream, then go up to the D 19. Cut it and head opposite towards Madriat for 200 m.
Leave the road for the path on the left. At the junction, continue right. The path turns again to the right and reaches the first houses of Madriat. Return to a tarmac road, then turn right again in the village to reach a junction. Go up to the left and follow this small road to the village of Feneyroles.
At the entrance to the hamlet, immediately turn right. The path soon enters the woods and climbs gradually. On a flat area, arrive at an intersection. Go left. At the fork, continue left. Go straight until you reach a road.
Cross and take the path furthest to the right. Reach the hamlet of Frissonnet on a road. Go straight and reach the D 193.
Cut this road to continue in a straight line. After the houses, the road becomes a path and continues between meadows and woods. Come out to a picnic area, then find the D 19 at the entrance to Cistrières.
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Location details

Departure location: Cistrières.
Place of arrival: Cistrières.
Cistrières, à 8,5 km à l’ouest de La Chaise-Dieu par la D 499, puis la D 19.
Recommended parking: Church square. .




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43160 Cistrières
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