PR596 Le site féodal de Beaumont

Choose a day when the sky is clear, take the time to climb the castle rock to understand its role in feudal times... and admire the landscape!
From the church, take the D 35 towards the south. At the exit of the village, take the road on the right.
At the crossroads, continue straight on the road. At the intersection (cross), continue opposite on the wide path. It leads to Beaumont. At the entrance to the hamlet, turn right, ignore the path on the right, pass near the ruins of the castle and come out on the road.
Take the road on the right for 50 m, then go down the road on the right.
Continue on this path going down to the left. At the exit of the woods, ignore the path on the left and continue towards La Terrasse.
At the entrance to the hamlet, turn right towards the forest. Cross the stream then, at the fork, go left slightly downhill. The path remains in the undergrowth and leads to a wider path.
Climb this path to the right. At the crossroads, in the clearing, continue straight ahead and arrive at a junction. Continue straight on the wide track. It leads to a crossroads near the ruins of Chambon (opposite, 150 m away, source of Chambon, at the edge of the path below the ruins).
Go up the second path on the right. Continue straight on to climb the road. After the clearing, leave the road and turn left. At the intersection, climb opposite and find the outward crossing, shortly before Saint-Victor-sur-Arlanc.

2 Turn left to reach the center of the town.
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Location details

Departure location: Saint-Victor-sur-Arlanc.
Place of arrival: Saint-Victor-sur-Arlanc.
Saint-Victor-sur-Arlanc, 6 km west of Craponne via the D 498 and, at the Calvary, the road on the right.
Recommended parking: Center of the town.




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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43500 Saint-Victor-sur-Arlanc
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