PR595 Des sucs à la Dorette

This route will guide you from the high points of the granite plateau of Craponne, where in good weather, you can discover Mont Blanc far to the east, to the heart of the wild Dorette valley.
Take the path towards the south which runs alongside the old school. Ignore two paths on the left. Cut the D 498 and continue straight on the path alongside the railway line.
At the fork, take the path on the right. A little further on, continue the descent on the left.
Further down, at the fork, go down to the right and reach a crossroads. Then turn right, follow the path for 300 m, then turn left. Take the road on the right for 1,4 km. It runs along the Dorette valley.
Just before the isolated house, climb to the right along the winding path and reach an intersection.
Continue climbing to the right. Ignore the path which turns left. Higher up, ignore the path which goes down to the right.
At the fork, go up left, exit the woods and cross Chanet on the right. At the crossroads, turn left. Ignore the path on the left and reach a fork at the entrance to the forest.
Take the path to the right. He crosses the woods and reaches a clearing. Turn onto the right lane. It heads south towards Fontannes. Take the road on the left. At the entrance to the hamlet, head left, then follow the D 498 to the right to reach the start.
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Lieu de départ : Fontannes (Jullianges).
Lieu d’arrivée : Fontannes (Jullianges).
Fontannes, à 8 km à l’ouest de Craponne par la D 498.
Parking conseillé : Dans le hameau de Fontannes .




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