PR566 Le tour du bois du Loup

A pleasant walk for those who love solitude, the forest and wide open spaces, towards the springs which supply the village of Allègre. The route partly follows the old path from Allègre to Vernassal.
With your back to the old station, go right (direction “Tour du bois du Loup”). At the pharmacy, turn right onto rue de Châteauneuf which passes between the sawmills and goes up towards the village of Châteauneuf [> a fortified castle existed on the promontory in the Middle Ages].
Turn left onto a path passing behind a gîte. About 150 m further, go straight and, 200 m further, turn left onto a beautiful pozzolan path. Then continue to descend on a dirt road, cross the disused railway bridge and continue opposite. At the bottom, turn left and cross the Western Terminal [> beautiful stone bridge with a curious layout], then join a perpendicular sandy path.
Go up to the right for 400 m; then leave the path on the left to cross the hamlet of Boissière. Take a grassy path which quickly enters the woods. After steep climbs, come to a crossroads of five paths.
Take the one furthest to the right. Continue on this pleasant flat path [> on the left, between the trees, the village of Vernassal and its bell tower]. At the next intersection, continue straight on the forest road for 1,5 km. After a sharp left turn, take a dirt road on the left until you reach a crossroads of four paths.
Turn right (shared route with the GR® 40 until returning to Allègre), cross the road and continue opposite. After 1 km, when the path turns to the right, the descent begins, the view is then clear [> view of the village of Céaux-d'Allègre and its bell tower and further on the Suc]. At the bottom of the slope, the path leads to Chaduzias. Cross the village straight on and continue along the road for 400 m [> perspectives on Allègre and its “Potence”, Chateauneuf, and Mont Bar].
At the second fork, leave the road on the right for a grassy path which further on becomes stony and descends steeply. At the crossroads, continue straight, cross the Western Terminal and go up to the D 40 [> quarry on the right]; take it on the right for 30 m.
Go up a path on the left between two hedges, then take the small road on the right to the cemetery. Follow the D 40 on the left and, after the bridge over the old railway line, turn right to reach the start.
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Location details

Departure location: Allègre.
Place of arrival: Allègre.
Allègre, 28 km northwest of Puy-en-Velay via the N 102, D 906 and D 13.
Recommended parking: Old station square. .




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