La Chapelle-Bertin

PR563 Les sapins de Grellet

Altitude circuit; the freshness guaranteed in all seasons, the great calm of the deep forest inhabited by deer and wild boar. The mushroom is king there
At the crossroads, follow the D 212 towards La Chapelle-Bertin. At the cross, take the Route de Frontès on the right. Go down to the stream and, after crossing it, take the path which rises to the left. After 1 km through the woods, the path comes out onto a road. Follow it on the right until the crossroads.
Take the road on the left and continue until La Chapelle-Bertin. At the church, pass between the war memorial and the cross. After 150 m, cross a perpendicular road and continue on a stony path which runs alongside the cemetery until you reach an iron cross.
Ignore the route which goes down towards L'Arbre and turn left onto the path which goes into the woods. > Off the circuit, continue straight into the meadow opposite to discover, around 100 m further, pond stones in the woods on the left. Come out on a road near a cross.
Follow the road to the right for 250 m then take a dirt road on the left opposite the road which leads to Fraisse. Reach a road, ignore it and take the path on the right which arrives in the vast clearing of Champforestier. Join a road near a cross and follow it to the village of Malfant. After the first house, turn left then left again to take a path which heads towards the woods. After 1,5 km through the forest, come to a crossroads.
Continue straight [> 200 m on the left, the two XNUMX-year-old fir trees of Grellet]. At the exit of the woods, continue on a steep path to Sannac.
After the first house, take the left path for 200 m. Follow the marked path on the left which goes into the woods. Cross a stream and reach Estublat.
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Lieu de départ : Estublat.
Lieu d’arrivée : Estublat.
Estublat (commune de La Chapelle-Bertin), à 4,5 km au nord-ouest d’Allègre par la D 21.
Parking conseillé : Au carrefour des D 21 et D 212. .




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