PR560 Allègre aux deux volcans

Discover Allègre, an ancient feudal city nestled on the southern flank of the Baury volcano and dominated by the remains of an imposing castle from which the view stretches.
> This circuit can be covered using the travel diary to be collected at the tourism information point. It will allow you to discover all the hidden treasures of the medieval city.

From the tourist office, follow rue du Mont-Bar on the left for 100 m.
After street number 12 bis, climb up the paved lane on the left between the garden walls. Almost at the top, use the passage under the houses on the right. Go to the end, then turn left to pass under the houses and come out on rue Notre-Dame-de-l'Oratoire. Go right, then immediately go left towards La Potence (rue du Château) and arrive at a junction.
Turn right to leave the village. At the right bend, turn left onto a grassy path. Lead to an abandoned area near the D 13; take it on the left then go up the small road on the left. On the descent, turn left onto the first path. Continue straight ahead. Join a path coming from the right and continue left. Reach a junction near a road [> stone cross].
Go up to the left on the path which runs along the wall. Arrive at Allègre.
Climb to the left, cross a street then continue on the grass to reach the ruins of the Château d'Allègre [> orientation table].
Go down the street on the right which goes around “la Potence”. Turn left onto rue des Clostres then after a few meters, turn right to go down rue du Château. Go straight to Place du Marchédial [> private mansions, observatory]. Go around the chapel [> 16th-17th century] on the left, then turn right to pass under the Monsieur's door. Continue down this street opposite to the church.
Turn left just before the church and come out further down rue du Mont-Bar; go back up to the left to find the starting point
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Location details

Departure location: Allègre.
Place of arrival: Allègre.
Allègre, 28 km northwest of Puy-en-Velay via the N 102, D 906 and D 13.
Recommended parking: Tourist Office. .




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