PR544 Les crêtes de La Loire

Travel the heights of the Loire and the Bèthe – one of its tributaries. The panoramas will be there and also the hamlets with basalt walls, typical of Velay.
From the fountain, in the center of the village, head towards the church [O> comb bell tower], then turn right and reach Les Roys. Weave between the houses and continue along the track on the left.

At the first intersection, turn right then, at the second, turn left.

At the fork, on the edge of the woods, take the path on the left. It leads to the edge of the plateau [O> panorama] then descends into the woods. Ignore a path on the left then on the right. At the fork, stay right.

At the hairpin intersection, go up the wide path on the right. At the crow's feet, take the middle lane and come out at Les Salles.

Do not enter the hamlet, take the road on the left for 50 m, go down the grassy path below the house to the left and turn left. Continue to the right along the edge of the plateau and slightly uphill. Enter Les Rozières via the path on the right and continue via the street opposite for 250 m.

At the last house, take the track on the left for 900 m. At the edge of the plateau, continue to the right and follow the top of the cliff which overlooks the Bèthe stream. Continue straight ahead and enter Ceyssoux.

After the communal oven (picnic area), turn right. At the cross, continue along the road on the right for 450 m.

At the agricultural building, take the path on the left for 900 m, ignoring two paths on the right.

Take the path on the right. It turns right then left. At the intersection, turn left and pass under the power line. Take the road on the left for 30 m then, before the bus shelter, the lane on the right. It becomes a track that leads back to the outward fork.

3. Turn left. At the intersection, continue right for 30 m.
2. Turn left and, following the route followed on the outward journey, return to the starting point.

O> 300 m from the fountain, along the D 54, the village conceals a curiosity: one of the five bronze statues erected in Haute-Loire out of the 900 due to Eugène Bénet in memory of the "poilus" who fell during the First
World War.
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Lieu de départ : Le Brignon.
Lieu d’arrivée : Le Brignon.
Le Brignon, à 17 km au sud du Puy par les N 2088, N 88 et D 541
Recommended parking: In the center of the village. .




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