PR543 Le sentier de Saint-Joseph

From the Espaly rock which supports the sanctuary of Saint-Joseph, set off onto the plateau between Ceyssac stream and Dolaizon. You will walk in the footsteps of the pilgrims of Compostela.
Go up rue des Estates-Généraux, cross avenue de la Mairie and continue opposite, rue des Chauffourniers. Pass under the railway line, then follow it to the right for 200 m. Go around the technical services building on the right. After the supermarket, turn right onto Avenue Auguste Aymard. Climb the Chemin (road) de Clary on the left along the edge of the cemetery and reach the top of the housing estate.

At the junction, turn left between the two lanes on the very steep path. At the top, continue along the track opposite [O> “chibotte”,
dry stone shelter]. Cut the road and continue for 1,6 km. At the end, take the road on the right.

In the right turn, at the entrance to Brossac, continue along the track opposite for 20 m, then turn left. After the pine forest, ignore the perpendicular path on the left and continue straight on for 250 m.

At the crossroads, take the path on the left (GR® 65: path Saint-Jacques-of Compostela). Cross the D 589 (> be careful!) and continue
opposite on the straight track. She draws a small hook to the right.

At the crossroads of the five lanes, continue opposite for 800 m. Continue along the road on the right. Ignore rue Belle-Plaine on the right and start the
descent [O> panorama of Le Puy-en-Velay]. Before the left turn, go down the path on the left. He cuts the bend in the road. Take the road on the left for 100 m.

At the crossroads, turn left onto the road. At the car park, go down the path on the right towards the tennis courts, cross the playground,
then the D 589 (> be careful!). Run down the stairs opposite, then the alley. Pass under the railway line, cross avenue de la Mairie and continue
opposite, Via-les-Combes road. At the end, turn left into rue Auguste-Souchon, then find rue des Études-Généraux.
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Location details

Departure location: Espaly-Saint-Marcel.
Place of arrival: Espaly-Saint-Marcel.
Recommended parking: L'Arbousset (place René Cassin).




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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