PR535 Le circuit de Saint-Quentin

A small loop to do as a family to enjoy numerous panoramas. Don't miss the detour to the ruined hamlet of Saint-Quentin perched above the Loire Valley!
From the crow's feet (cross) at the Chassaure exit, follow the road towards Chaspinhac for 50 m, turn left, continue straight ahead and leave the hamlet.

At the fork, continue left for 600 m. At the junction, stay left, pass under the high voltage line, ignore the pylon track on the left and the grassy path on the right.

Go up to the left along the hairpin track towards the second pylon and, just before, turn off onto the path to the right. Go around the Pouzat farm on the right [O> view of Mont Bar]. Find a wider path which crosses the corner of the woods, ignoring the path on the left.

Take the road on the left for 150 m. Go down the path on the right, cross the stream and continue into the woods [O> panorama of the Meygal, the Mézenc, the Puy basin, the Loire gorges and the Devès plateau]. The path descends along the edge and ends on a perpendicular path.

Continue descending to the right. The path curves, crosses a clearing and emerges onto a wider path. > On the right, the path leads to the ruined village of Saint-Quentin [O> panorama], 500 m.

Go back up the path on the left for 450 m.

Climb up the track on the left. She slips between the houses of La Croix-des-Las. At the picnic area, continue along the road and find
the starting point.
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Very easy

Location details

Departure location: Chassaure (commune of Chaspinhac).
Place of arrival: Chassaure (commune of Chaspinhac).
Chassaure (commune of Chaspinhac), 15 km north-east of Le Puy via the D 103, D 71 and, in Chaspinac, the Chassaure road on the left
Recommended parking: In the center of the village. .




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43700 Chaspinhac
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