PR467 Les eaux de Vourzac

Travel through the valleys of the Vourzac and Lonnac streams, white and clear waters, rich in trout and other salmonids, while discovering the rural heritage that punctuates the circuit.
From the cemetery, head towards the village, then turn left towards Lonnac. At the fork, enter the hamlet on the right. On the square, follow
rue de la Croix on the left.

After the hangar, take Chemin de la Coustette on the right. Go up, pass under the power line and ignore the path on the right. There
track curves to the right. At the intersection, head left for 40 m.

At the fork, turn right onto Chemin de Chermoye. After 500 m, at the fork, go left and go down to Senivazard. Go down the road to the right, cross the Vourzac stream, turn left and enter Vourzac via rue des Goulathou. In the center, near the cross, take rue du Devès on the right for 50 m. Place du Planit, pass on the left in front of the assembly house and continue on rue du Planit on the right.

At the junction opposite the playground, turn left onto the path lined with low walls. After the high voltage line, take the track on the right.

At the intersection, take the path on the left for 10 m, then the path on the right. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead. To cross
Farreyrolles while keeping to the left. At the crossroads, take the road on the left for 450 m.

Go down the path below on the right and pass near an old mill. Cross the bridge on the right and go up the road for 150 m.
At the house, turn left onto the hairpin path.

Turn right onto the path lined with low walls. Continue right and cross Coyac. Leave the hamlet on the left via rue de la Barboutière
and continue for 900 m.

After the electricity pylon, turn left and go up to Driaudes. Take the road on the right, stay right, pass the last houses
and extend. At the crossroads, go to the left of the cross, cross the path, go up and find the Sanssac cemetery.
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Location details

Lieu de départ : Sanssac-l'Eglise.
Lieu d’arrivée : Sanssac-l’Eglise.
Sanssac-l’Église, à 10 km à l’ouest du Puy par les D 590 et D 48.
Parking conseillé : Parking devant le cimetière. .




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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