Le vernet

PR465 Les trois sommets

From the summit of the Durande (1 m), overlook the Velay plateau and discover a 299° panoramic view, going from the Loire gorges to those of the Allier, via the Mézenc.
From the pond, head opposite between the houses and the playground. Continue for 500 m, ignore the grassy path on the left, then reach a fork.
Continue right. Leave two paths on the right and continue opposite on the partly tarmac main road. She bypasses the Garde de Séjourde on the left and reaches the edge of the woods.
At the fork, stay right. At the crossroads, turn at an acute angle to the left and follow the straight path for 800 m, ignoring the track on the right. Going up into the woods, cross a perpendicular path and continue opposite. Take the wide path on the right for 600 m. Leave the path which goes down to the right (PR 464) and reach a crossroads (directional signs) on the crest.
Take the path on the left (GR® 40). Steep (> be careful!), it climbs to the top of the Durande. Go down the other side via the main path in wide bends. At the bottom, follow the track to the right and reach the crossroads of six paths (crosses).
Go up the path opposite (south), in the woods, towards the Suc de Combret. After the summit, go left past an old quarry. The path curves to the left. Take the perpendicular lane on the right and arrive at a crossroads.
Take the path on the left. At the edge of the woods, take the path on the right. At the fork, stay right and continue on the path down to the D 48. Cut it and follow the gravel path on the edge of the woods for 400 m.
Turn left onto the fitness trail and continue straight on to enter the woods. Stay on the path going down.
At the bottom, take the track on the left, turn left and find the pond.
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Location details

Departure location: Le Vernet.
Place of arrival: Le Vernet.
Recommended parking: Fitness trail.




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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