PR451 Les deux Huches

A circuit in the land of stones and volcanoes, in the heart of the juices of Meygal, between dry stone walls, bocage landscapes and mixed volcanic peaks.
Cross the crossroads straight on. Follow the road then, 100 m after an agricultural building, turn left. Follow the path straight ahead. Take the road on the right for 50 m and turn right into the forest. At the hairpin, in a clearing, ignore two paths on the right.
At Chamblas, head right. At the exit of the hamlet, enter the forest. Stay on your left to get around the terrain. Go down, exit the woods and reach an intersection.
Turn left over the bridge and immediately take the road on the right. It continues along the way. At the crossroads, turn left. Take the road on the left.
In Ouspis, turn left. Near the houses, go right and join the road. Follow it to the left for 75 m. At the fork, go right. After 50 m, leave the road for the path on the right. Cross two footbridges and go up. Ignore a path on the right. At the road, continue straight and cross the Coudert.
In Palhaires, turn left between the houses, then turn right onto a path. Follow it straight ahead. At Chambe de Bos, take the D 35 on the left (on the left, access to the summit of Huche Pointue, return 40 min). After the house, take the second path on the left.
At Lachaud de Rougeac, turn left. At the crossroads, turn left onto the D 43 and, 50 m after leaving the village, leave the road for the path on the right. Ignore a path on the left then, further down, one on the right. Go up to a crossroads.
Turn right onto the first sandy path.
Further on, pass a first hairpin then, at the second, turn right. Further down, turn left twice. Pass Bosc and cross a stream (footbridge). Go back up the road and go straight on until you reach the entrance to Céaux. Continue on the road to the right. At Garay, go left. Higher up, at the fork, continue to the right.
At the next one, go left. Ignore a path on the right and reach a crossroads. Take the road on the right, then cross the municipal road on the left. Take the D 26 on the left and join Saint-Étienne-Lardeyrol. Go down the second street on the left to reach the start.
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Location details

Departure location: Saint-Etienne-Lardeyrol.
Place of arrival: Saint-Etienne-Lardeyrol.
Saint-Étienne-Lardeyrol, 8 km east of Puy-en-Velay via the N 88.
Recommended parking: On the square, behind the Town Hall. .




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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43260 Saint-Étienne-Lardeyrol
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